Bit of an Archive Now

So this isn't exactly what the belly looks like now. This was at about 32 weeks (4ish weeks ago)... I have some from this week, but they're on Bryan's camera... so I'll have to upload them later. But I figured I'd throw this one up there too. I'm in my work clothes...

Only 3 more days! Pretty soon I'll be posting pictures of Peyton on here!


Jess said...

awww! Doesn't Peyton want to come out and play yet? I keep checking your sister's facebook page for an announcement that Peyton has made her entrance. I am glad you liked everything. I wanted to add so much more, but I didn't think she was in need of a bpa free bear sipee cup yet.

can't wait to see the first pics!

continuing to pray for all 3 of you. Love you!


Leigh said...

You're soooo cute!!! I can't wait to see your cute daughter too (my niece)!! Please upload your latest pictures, too! Oh and when you get a chance, the nursery too. :) Love you!

Anonymous said...

2 things one is love the phone and 2

its butterfly fly away :) I dedicate it to Peyton