Music Monday!

PhotobucketSaw this on a new friend's blog, and thought it looked like fun, so I wanted to participate! Click on the button to join in too! Today's Music Monday theme is to pick a song from your wedding!
Our wedding was very simple, but very us. We got married by candlelight in the campus church where we met. We were surrounded by about 100 loved ones and great friends!

We put alot of thought into our wedding songs! The first one is the song I walked down the aisle to... It's a song that we both have loved for a long time... It's by Josh Groban and called "When You Say You Love Me"

 Next we had my brother in law Andy perform Leeland's "Yes, You Have" in the middle of our ceremony. He has a great voice and sang along to acoustic guitar while we took communion. It was a beautiful tribute not only to our love for one another as bride and groom, but also to our love for our Savior who brought us together. It was so worshipful and beautiful and as he sang this song and Bryan and I worshiped together while taking communion, I felt like we were building the foundation for our marriage upon the rock of Christ and such overwhelming peace came over me. A wedding day can be such a stressful and busy day... it was so perfect to just take some time to stand back and marvel at the work of the Lord in our lives as we looked ahead to our lives together!

Lastly is the song that we played for our recessional. It's "First Time" by Lifehouse. We had it cued up to the chorus so that we could leave with a bang :) I LOVE this song. There's a really neat story behind this song as well. Bryan and I had been dating for about 8 months when I left college at Minnesota to come home to Vermont. I boarded the  plane bawling, because I had just said goodbye to Bryan and didn't know when I would see him again. I plugged in my headphones to the sky radio and leaned back my chair to think on the past year of my life. This song came on, which I had never heard before... and as I listened to the words and thought about them, I realized for the first time that I was madly, deeply in love with Bryan. I played this song for him the first time that I told him I loved him. It only seemed appropriate that it be the first song we would hear as husband and wife on the day we pledged our love to each other FOREVER!

I hope you enjoy these songs! They have meant alot in my life... I hope that they encourage you today and bring beautiful memories of your own wedding days!

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