One Day to the Next

C'mon now, who says a 14 month old can't have a sucker??? 

This picture makes me  happy right now because that same vivacious 14 month old lovin' life in that picture is down for the count with a very nasty virus that caused us to rush her to the hospital last night with a fever of 103.9. Thankfully the doctor was able to bring her fever down within a couple of hours and sent us home with instructions for medicine and lots of rest and love. 

She's doing a little better this morning, but still isn't quite her joyful, lively self. We've all been sick with this virus and it's left us all feeling a little more than drained. Please keep us in your prayers as we all recover.


Breanna Hudy said...

she's so big and beautiful (and not in an obese way hahahaha). i still can't believe she's grown that much! She's not allowed to grow when I'm not there! lol.

Any news on what virus it is?? I'll be praying for sure!

Jenah Lynne said...

She's looking so old and so gorgeous! AHHH! I miss that cutie!

I'm definitely praying for you guys. Sounds like that virus is nasty!

Stephanie M. Page said...

HOw scary! PRaying!

Jess said...

I love when you post pics of Peyton. She is so cute!

Hope all of you are feeling better soon!