The Story of Us

I stole this idea from Amanda over at The Shepard Life. A whole bunch of fun questions about me and my hubby! Even if no one takes the time to read it, it's a fun way to pass my time while I'm on bed rest!! (Which by the way is going well! Had a doctor's appointment on Thursday and things are looking good! I still have 2 weeks of bed rest, after which we'll "re-evaluate"!)

K, Here we go!
1. What are your middle names? My middle name is Britani, and Bryan's middle name is Luke.
2. How long have you been together? Almost 4 years. We started dating in January 2007, got engaged in November 2007, and got married in February 2008!!!
3. How long did you know each other before you started dating? Only 4 months! Don't judge us!!! Heehee.
4. Who asked who out? Bryan asked me. :) He took me out to Starbucks and launched into the most romantic speech about how he was crazy about me! So cute!
5. How old are each of you? I'm 21 (will be 22 in Feb) and Bryan just turned 25 in August. Yes, he's the older man ;)
6. Did you go to the same school? We met in college, so yes.
7. Are you from the same hometown? Nope. He is from Jordan, Minnesota and I'm from Essex, Vermont. lol, and he was born in L.A. and I was born in N.Y. Coast to coast, baby!!!
8. Who is the smartest?  Uhhh... Bryan is more common sense smart and I'm more book smart.
9. Who majored in what? Bryan has a degree in Law Enforcement from a college he went to before the college where we met... but we met at a Bible College both majoring in Cross-Cultural Studies.
10. Who is the most sensitive? I think we both are sensitive in our own ways. But being a girl, I'm probably more sensitive than he is ;)
11. Where is the furthest you have traveled as a couple? Cape Town, South Africa :)
12. Who has the worse temper? Honestly, I think we're both pretty even-keeled. We're not really a "yelling" family. We both fume though when we get upset, and I think we're probably tied for temper...
13. How many children do you want? I think we both feel like we'll just know when we're done. For now, we're happy with our 2, but we don't feel like we're done. :)
14. Who does the cooking? Me. All the way me. And I'm good at it ;)
15. Who is more social? Again, me. Bryan is the strong, silent type (heehee)
16. Who is the most stubborn? Haha, we joke about this all the time because we are BOTH crazy stubborn. Which doesn't really help in arguments... lol.
17. Who wakes up earlier? Bryan!!! He gets up for work at 4am everyday.... I have no desire to compete with him for that title!
18. Who is the neat freak? ME!!!! Funnily enough, I was sooooooo messy growing up, but something just clicked when I got married and I started really caring about keeping a clean home. Now it's very important to me. Bryan is clean too, but I definitely hold it as a higher priority.
19. Where was your first date? Oh wow, I'm not sure I remember!!! Well, he asked me out at Starbucks so does that count??? The first like BIG date that he planned was to a great restaurant in Minneapolis called the Old Spaghetti Factory. I'm a pasta lover so he scored big time!
20. Who has the bigger family? Bryan does. He has 3 siblings (I have 2) and he has a HUGE extended family!
21. Do you get flowers often? Honestly, not really. But that doesn't bother me. Bryan shows me he loves me in lots of other ways ;)
22. How do you spend the holidays? Usually with family. We lived near his family for the first couple years of our marriage so we spent Christmas with my family and all the "smaller" holidays with his. Now that we're living close to mine we'll flip flop that.
23. Who is more jealous?  Bryan used to be. But now that we've been married longer, I think we're both very secure in our love for each other. Which is a really good place to be!
24. How long did it take to get serious? Considering that we dated only 13 months before saying our vows, I'd say NOT LONG!
25. Who eats more? Bryan. Hands down. The boy can put it away! I eat like a bird.
26. What do you do for a living? I'm a SAHM... and Bryan is working right now for a roofing company. He's such a hard worker!!!
27. Who does the laundry? I do :) I actually really enjoy it!
28. Who is better with the computer? I think we're equal.
29. Who drives when you're together? Mainly Bryan. Every once in a while I will... but usually him.
30. What is your song? We have a few! We love "Lucky" by Jason Mraz & Colbie Callait, "First Time" by Lifehouse, "You've Stolen my Heart" by Leeland, and I walked down the aisle to "The Prayer" by Josh Groban & Charlotte Church.

Hope you had fun letting me pass some time :)


partialemptynester said...

Aww, I love a good love story! So great! And I love that you walked down the aisle to "The Prayer"...what a perfect song for the occasion!
Praying over you on bedrest, too, btw :)

~The Harrison Family~ said...

LOVED reading more about you and Bryan, friend! I may just have to steal this fun little game :) So glad that little one is still cookin' and that bed rest is going well! Hugs!

Amanda said...

loved reading your post! :) you guys are so sweet!

Truly His said...

OMG... Claire, we are meant to be best friends... okay, question... did you go to college in minneapolis? and if so, where? I did, too. Second, I had no idea he was a minnsota boy... third... I was not a neat freak until I got married too!!