"Modern" Communication

So, this is going to be a somewhat out of the ordinary post for me... but I recently read this article (by none other than ASHTON KUTCHER... did you know he was a good writer??) on how internet communication has changed relationships. He's obviously mainly addressing romance, but I thought it applied well to all relationships.

It's an interesting read... and was very thought provoking for me. Here's the link... I really encourage you to give it a read and think about the way you communicate using the tools that the modern day has supplied... I'm not trying to say (and I don't think Ashton is either) that modern day internet (and texting) communication is a bad thing, merely that we should think twice about the personability of the form of communication we choose. Is it an appropriate form of transport for the message we want to deliver?


Beka said...

I couldn't agree more with Ashton! I do text more than I should. I miss the phone calls and the every day notes, flowers, etc. :)

This generation doesn't really know the true meaning of a letter. :) Zach and I use to write letters to each other. Some times we would write emails. But nothing would make my heart flutter more than when I would check my mail box and see a letter from Zach. :)


I am so glad you shared this! I might just possibly talk about this in a blog! I'm feeling it!!!

P.S. Thanks for the sweet comment! My sister and I always say how much we love "FF-Girl" :) I know we would be BFF's in real life! yep. I just know it!

Leigh said...

Claire??? why were you reading Ashton Kutcher? and you still haven't told me why you were on Rebecca St. James' blog

Callie Nicole said...

I read the article and found it very interesting! Thanks for sharing it. I agree, I think texting can get a bit out of hand, and some of the older, more artistic forms of communication are being lost . . .