New Home

Just wanted to let you all know why I've fallen off the face of blog world :) We moved into our new house this past weekend (just 20 minutes from where we were living before) and we haven't been able to get our internet hooked up yet.... so because of that I'm living internet/TV free this week :)

I'll post some pictures of the new place at some point... we're doing a lot of renovating so it's not quite "photo ready" yet :) but it'll get there.

Hope you all are doing well and we'll catch up when I rejoin the 21st century!!!


Stephanie M. Page said...

I am excited to see pictures of your new house!

Natalie said...

Good luck in getting all moved in! :)

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

EXCITED for you!! Blessings!!

LauraB said...

So I was just reading about your big move/no tv/internet line, secondary to your big move. Congratulations on the move!!

Here is the reason I thought of you....I'm watching America's Got Talent, which I know you sometimes watch...and their guest special was the cast of "Les Mis" singing "One day more..." and all I can think of was when you and Jake Carll would sing this song....oh how I miss memories of Summer Theatre/Theatre Workshop!

Hope this brings a smile to your face as it did to mine! (May need to watch it online when you get internet, cuz it was really good!)