Random Update!

I finally got some pictures uploaded!!! Yay! I thought I'd post a few of them with a random update of life lately :)

16 1/2 weeks

18 weeks

I turned 18 weeks on Monday, and I feel great! Definitely still exhausted much of the time, but for the most part I'm just feeling so happy and excited to be blessed with a third child. That November 30 gender reveal is definitely helping to lift my spirits! I just can't wait! Sorry for the ridiculous smiles in both of those pictures... I think I feel awkward getting belly pictures taken so I make these stupid faces hahahahahahaa.

I'm definitely carrying much higher this time around! Particularly than I did with Britany. I carried Britany SO LOW the whole pregnancy, but this baby is right up there! I've never carried quite this high! It's great because it allows me to keep wearing those non maternity pants :)

hahaha had to share this one! My mom was taking belly pictures of me and Britany was next to her in the stroller... well Britany started ROLLING AWAY in the wind! Too funny. This is me freaking out and telling my mom to grab her!

My sweet girls are lighting up my life! Peyton is still working on potty training (it's been a long process because we've had so many distractions!) I feel bad that I haven't been able to dedicate more time to it.... Britany is very clingy so it's hard for me to really focus my energy on Peyton solely. But she's doing well, and for the most part is very aware of her body and what's going on. And when she does go, she goes completely by herself... wipes, pulls her pants down and up without help. It's a blessing that she's so independent ;)

Britany is finally getting her third tooth :) Poor girl has been very fussy but she's such a sweetheart. I can hardly believe she'll really be one year on December 7th! It's almost unreal! It's really hard for me to grasp how quickly this year truly has flown by! She still seems like my baby in so many ways, and to think she'll be a big sister in only a matter of months is crazy!

She's such a little peanut, so I don't expect her to walk too soon. My guess is she'll be walking the same time big sister did (around 15 months). But lately she's been standing up a lot more! Found her standing in her crib today... sweet girl :) She's such a special child and I'm so grateful that she came into our lives.

Every blessing is GREAT, whether planned or unplanned ;)

My sweet little third baby is JUMPING inside my womb right now! I'm so thankful for my children :) God is good.


Beka said...

You make me want to be pregnant again.... but then! I don't have those legs. ;) LOL!

SO CUTE! You look adorable!!!!

LOVE this post and I LOVE ALL THE PICTURES!!!!! Keep going!


Beka said...

also. come to iowa. <3

Haley Galloway said...

Your bump is so cute!! I am way behind on my belly pictures (22 weeks tomorrow). Need to get on that!!

I love your hair! I can never bring myself to growing my hair out and envy people with really long, beautiful hair. It will never happen for me haha. But yours is so gorgeous!

Your girls are beautiful! Love the last two pictures!

Olga said...

you look so cute!

oh, my goodness... that was scary and a little funny about your little one rolling away in the stroller!

your girls are precious!


Melissa said...

Look at how cute you are! And I agree - definitely carrying very high. I never can quite decide how I'm carrying, but I know that I needed maternity pants pretty early on, so it must be low this time around :)

Your babies are so beautiful. I know we all have babies and have had them for quite some time .. but sometimes it's just crazy to think that those are YOUR little girls. I love hearing about them!

Natalie said...

You are so cute pregnant...and of course those pics of your girls are just precious!

Stephanie M. Page said...

you are looking great! and your girls are adorable. ;)

Rachel Flores said...

I laughed out loud for like, five minutes when I saw that picture of you pointing and read the caption. maybe cause I just feel like that's everyday of my life right now lol ( : I love the pictures of Brit! I am with you in the shock of how fast this year has gone, I wish we could have seen her grow more!!!!
p.s. you look awesome, as usual!