Brave. {A DistinctlyIvy Giveaway}

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be brave.

Life has thrown some pretty tough things my way recently, and I've continually felt less than courageous in the face of their oppositions.

I've wondered if I really am "made of sterner stuff" or if I should just curl up in the fetal position and forget about trying to fight back.

But what if I were brave?

Bethel's song "You Make Me Brave" has been on repeat in my home lately.

"You make me brave. 
You have called me out beyond the shore into the waves.
You make me brave." 

If those words are true--and if he's already called me out onto the waves, and I'm already walking on water in his grace, then I AM brave. 

Because I need bravery. I need to be brave enough to jump headfirst into my own life. I need to fight back. I need to stand up and face my problems with strength and resolve, and a God right beside me who strengthens me and who upholds me and who emboldens me.

I am already brave. I just have to remember that I am. 

What better way to remind myself of my own bravery, than by wearing something that daily reminds me that I am brave?

The incredible store Distinctly Ivy made this stunning, personalized necklace for me. I haven't taken it off since I received it in the mail. It's a poignant reminder for me to live bravely in my own life. Every single day.

Distinctly Ivy is an Etsy shop that creates stunning, hand-stamped, one of a kind pieces of jewelry. Each piece is uniquely created by their incredible artists and shipped out in one business day. They are committed to creating a piece that you will love and cherish.

Their shipping is FAST, FAST, FAST! If you need a last minute gift that will still be thoughtful, unique and treasured than Distinctly Ivy is absolutely the right place for you.

And these necklaces are not only beautiful, but they are well made! More than a few times my kiddos have tugged on the necklace and my sweet Mia has even pulled herself up by it! DistinctlyIvy does quality, beautiful work without compromise.

I'm so excited to tell you that DistinctlyIvy wants to GIVE ONE OF YOU one of their personalized necklaces! I'm so happy to be teaming up with them for this incredible giveaway. They have a huge selection, not limited to bar necklaces-- so head over to their site and browse the selections! Comment and let me know what your favorite item is for 5 entries!

And if you decide you want to go ahead and buy a piece from their store (you won't be sorry!) please enjoy a 15% discount through the end of the month with the code CHRISTMASinJULY 

Best of luck! I hope you win :)

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Mrs.NatClem said...

Yes! I, too, have been singing this song over and over as a reminder of what He does in me, no matter how I feel. What a beautiful reminder in this necklace! I want it!

Callie Nicole said...

I really like the bar necklaces too, or the circle ones with kids' names!

Holly Hunter said...

This is so beautiful.

I love the tag necklaces she makes for moms.

Gabrielle Zarpentine said...

I love the Song of Solomon cuff bracelet!

GabbyG said...

I love the Song of Solomon cuff bracelet!

Kerry said...

What a great way to remind yourself to stand in the truth!

I think I like the hammered disk tags the best. :) said...

I love the United States long distance key chain with the hearts on two different locations! How unique!!

Emily Pearson said...

You are brave. And whatever comes I hope you can feel yourself being held. But I hope there are good things coming soon.

I love this layered silver disk and bar necklace:

Loisy said...

I have been so pleased with the items I have ordered. The recipients of the gifts loved them as well!

Anne S. said...

I like the Mom Birthstone necklaces!

Kristen said...

Hi there! I actually received this post through and e-mail from DistinctlyIvy. I love her work. I have purchased 3 custom pieces from her, and they were all beautiful and arrived very quickly. I just left her a note on her facebook page.

Your blog post had very good timing. I need to remind myself I am braver than I think I am. I am going through a very big change right now. My husband and I have been together for a long while, and have been living in Europe for the past 7 years, and have given up everything to try it out here in California. I came first together, with my cat Emmie. She and I have been through a lot together, which is the reason this is my favorite piece right now, from Ivy's shop:

It's hard to give up everything you know, to try something new, and it is great to have a little furry therapist, somehow they always just know! :-) ... She's traveled quite a bit with me: 3 different countries, 2 houses, 2 apartments, and about 6 plane rides! Pretty good for an old gal! She'll be 14 in November, and I don't know what I would do without her. Until my husband gets here, she's my sweet little cuddle bug, and I would love a little charm on my keychain to make me smile when I think of her, because she always makes me feel better. Thank you for this opportunity.
thanks! -Kristen

Gwen said...

I really like the personalized Grandma necklace with the color of each grandchild's birthstone!

Tifanee Wright said...

I love the wedding/anniversary necklaces. Our 9th is coming up!! ❤️

Beth said...

I like the bookworm book marker!

RolandoLaura Velasquez said...

I really like the custom name ones - I would totally get my daughters name. And the brave necklace is perfect because we all need a little reminder of that Godly characteristic he gives us all when we call on Him.

RolandoLaura Velasquez said...

I really love the custom name necklaces- I would totally get my daughters name. But this brave necklace because that little reminder that it is our God given strength when we call on him.

Rae Nolt said...

Trying this again!!!! I love the word brave. And even better on a necklace.

holly gudino said...

I love the brave necklace, the reason is that I would give it to my sister who has cancer and needs a reminder to be brave.