Coming Back Again

It's been forever, hasn't it? But if the new look is any indication, hopefully it won't be quite as long before the next post.

I've missed blogging. Becoming a business owner has been incredible. And it's become "me" so quickly. I've naturally transitioned into this new role and I couldn't love it more. But--being true to myself begs me to continue writing. And for now, this is the best outlet for me to do that.

So here we go... again. Writing my heart out in this little corner of the web. Thinking on "paper" which has always helped me to process. I've thought time and again about changing the direction of this blog. Making it fashion focused, or satirical, or strictly inspirational/devotional. But, as I've said a million times, this blog has always been for me more than for anyone else. And if I'm being true to that, then I can't box it up. I've got to keep it unrestricted so it can follow my heart while my fingers simply plonk out the words.

I might be rusty, so grace would be appreciated.

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