Who I Am

Hi there.
Thanks for stopping by.

I'm Claire.

I'm a 24 year old wife to one amazing man and mommy to three mind blowing children.

I love Jesus. He is the author of my life and the king of my heart. He's the first thought I have in the morning and the last person I talk to each night. My relationship with Him is real and it's everything to me.

My husband is my rock and my best friend. You can read more about him in the "Who I Love" section.

I love laughter. I love to have a good time and I try not to take myself too seriously. I love my friends and my family and I'm thankful to have amazing people in my life who keep me, me.

I love being a wife and mom and I try to throw myself 100% in to both of those things.

I love to write. I'm a verbal processor and while I can stumble over my words and end up sounding ridiculous in person, there is a clarity that hits when I sit down at the keyboard. I would write all my conversations if I could.

I love mocha frappes, traveling, singing, dance parties, and hiking. I love adventure and I'm usually up for trying new things. (just no new foods!)

I love being a girl. I love make up and magazines and clothes and perfume. I grew up a tomboy, but something about my husband's manliness just brought out all the feminine in me and I just love being his princess and getting dolled up for him.

My best friend in the world (other than my husband) is my sister. We know what each other is thinking and we're always on the same page. My best day is a day spent with her and a coffee at our favorite stores.

I'm sentimental and roll your eyes sappy.

I love to be inspired and I seek out inspiration often.

I play around with graphic design, and I'm a grammar/spelling freak.

I love laughing with my family and my brother, sister and I are seriously the coolest, funniest people you'll ever meet. (well, at least we think so ;) )

I love to meet new people and I love to blog (when I get the time).

I realize you won't get to know me from a few paragraphs here, but I'm an open book so if you have any questions, I'm fair game.

And thanks to Hannah for pestering me to finally write this About Me. ;)