On Pregnancy and Fashion

Okay, I know I just posted like a second ago, but I just HAVE to share an experience.

I had a revelation of sorts today in the mall. First of all, shopping in your late first trimester of pregnancy is no easy endeavor. How am I supposed to know how big my stomach's going to get? Do I buy a size bigger than normal or two? Do I go shopping in the maternity section? Do I buy only button up sweaters that can easily conform to my bulge? Where else will I gain weight? Are my hips going to become gigantic? Shopping proved to be a stressful task. "Well just wait a bit then" you might say. Yeah, well, when it's below warm out there and you don't have many sweaters, action must be taken.

But down to the real point of this post.

I was standing in the checkout line when there before me I saw the nightmare of all pregnant women. A circus proceeded past me. To the naked eye, this sight was merely a young woman pushing a dual stroller through the mall... but to me, she was the epitome of what all young mom's fear becoming. She made quite the spectacle. Let's begin with the stroller. A bright blue three seater with overly large wheels and many obnoxiously colored noise-making toys dangling from it's every handle. In the very front sat a fussy toddler who was wiping snot all over his bright red face. In the middle was piled blankets, toys, books and stuffed animals, making quite a display. The young mother--couldn't have been more than 26--had very fake black hair and was sporting a frontwards back pack (you know, the kind the baby dangles from mercilessly). What screamed out most to me about this "scene" was the woman's BRIGHT CORAL PINK VELOR SWEATSUIT. I'm not kidding here, folks. She somehow decided that the best way not to bring attention to herself and her parade of bells and whistles was to clothe herself in the sort of attire you don for a hike in hunting season.

This woman, bless her heart, is my worst nightmare about becoming pregnant. Will I lose all sense of dignity and pride? Will my appearance simply fade into the black hole of motherhood? Will my sense of fashion be reverted to whatever will best cover my sagging butt and remnant belly flab?

Please tell me it doesn't have to be so!


Leigh said...

it doesn't have to be so!

Andy Myers said...

claire. don't knock the velvet suit. seriously. i bought one for leigh for christmas. it's gonna be hot.

Casey said...

It might possibly have been the only thing that fit her at the moment. Or the only thing that was clean.

And she has probably been locked up in the house for a few days and had to get out. And the only way to get out without craziness ensuing was to have toys and books and blanket, etc, at hand to entertain the kids.

Most likely she would love a smile, or a hug, or a friendly word. She might be lonely and craving social interaction and throwing on a pink velor sweatsuit and getting the heck out of the house was all she could do to stay sane.

Not that I've ever done such a thing, no, not ever. ;)