Bedding and An Incredible Find!

So I found some adorable new bedding on sale at Walmart. What do you think? I know it's really pink, but I'm girlie, what can I say? What I like about it is that it's subtle and should match with anything... since Bryan and I are in a transition time in our life, I figured that getting something loud and hard to match would be a bad idea. Just thought I'd share it with you.

Also, one of my biggest dilemma's lately has been finding cute maternity clothes. It's a real challenge! All maternity clothes (and I really mean ALL because I've tried it all!) in department stores are wayyy to big for me, not to mention frumpy as all get out. I think they think that 45 year old women are the only one's getting pregnant these days. Don't they realize that us teen girls are getting preggo too???? So anyway.. I'm absolutely thrilled because I found a gorgeous consignment Maternity Store that sells designer maternity clothes for a quarter of the price! I plan on taking a nice long trip there over the weekend! You can check out their website here: Bellies 2 Babies I am so thankful for people that open stores like this! Bellies 2 Babies, YOU HAVE SAVED ME! I'll post some cute pics of me modeling their clothes soon!


Jess said...

I think it's beautiful. Walmart has some beautiful things for babies. Now I have a gage on colors for your little one :).

I know you will look fabulous in your new maternity clothes.


claire said...

Thanks Jess :) Yeah, I'm going for a light pink, mocha and cream feel for her room and her stuff. I can't wait until she's here! It's like getting a little barbie doll to dress up ;)

It's interesting to suddenly have a big belly to try to fit clothes on top of! But it's fun at the same time! I'm so happy I found a consignment shop though, because I can't bring myself to spend an arm and a leg on clothes that I'll only wear a few months!