Okay, I'll confess. I'm nesting full force. That's a good thing, though, right? So remember my last post, the bedding I was IN LOVE with? Well, I found a better deal on some other bedding. So don't think I'm fickle, the truth is, I'm just a bargain hunter! I prefer this bedding, because for 10 dollars less than the other bedding, I get EVERYTHING pictured! The other bedding was only a 4 piece set, and this is a 10 piece set! I found it at Amazon, and I'm very much delighted in myself. I think it's super cute and feminine. But don't worry, I won't paint my walls the way the walls in the picture are... um, ew. I think it will look lovely! I'll have to send you a picture when it's all set up :) Isn't it beautiful though?

Yesterday I found some adorable boxes at Michael's to put all of her clothes in. So I have all her 0-3 mos. outfits in her dresser, then her 3-18 mos things that I have in these lovely little girly boxes! What do you think?

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