24 Weeks!

Okay, I realized that it was HIGH TIME I added a belly picture... I kept waiting until I looked super cute or until Bryan could take it, and I figured it was about time that I just took one... no shower yet or not! So here's the 24 week BELLY!


Jess said...

AHHHHH! You look good! New bedding looks adorable (I always go for the better deal) the boxes are something she can also use later as she grows to put things in like play jewelery and ballet slippers.

Happy belated birthday and One Year Anniversery! Really glad things are going well.

Ps. I think she may need a tutu for dancing.

Carrie.Hannah.Ben said...

Prettiest pregnant girl ever. You look great! I'm so happy for you, motherhood is such an amazing blessing! It's an awesome learning process, and it's tons of fun!

Also, I like the brown/pink bedding better then the first ones, too. :)

Katie said...

I just found your blog!!! You look amazing...24 weeks already!!! way to go! thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog claire. You have so much to look forward to...samuel is so beautiful and we fall more in love every day. yes let's talk!!! do you still have a facebook? I couldn't find you and want to message you my phone number so it's not out in cyberworld!! love love love