Springtime and the Third Trimester

I'm sitting here with my window open and the light breeze drifting in. There are birds singing outside, and the fresh air is so life giving. I love this season! Winter in Minnesota is so long and so cold... to finally even be able to have the window open is like a dream! And to hear the birds singing, and to know that I can walk outside without a coat is incredible! And, to know that my baby girl will be joining me along with the warmer weather is amazing.

I'm 27 weeks now and full force third trimester. Unfortunately, it's greeted me with contractions and heavy pain. I've had two pretty bad episodes of very painful contractions and a very heavy pressure on my uterus. If it happens one more time, my doctor wants me to come in and get my cervix checked for pre-term labor. I'm waiting and praying that my little girl stays put for now! The pain is hard to endure, but I have a peace. I know that God is in control. The constant kicks in my abdomen remind me that even through the pain, she's okay and that's enough to keep a smile on my face. As long as my baby girl is safe, the pain doesn't matter much.

I'm learning the in's and out's of pregnancy now. It's not as much glowing and cute maternity clothes as it has become pain, waiting, backache, discomfort, and preparation. I constantly feeling like throwing up because there's just no more room for food in my stomach. I can barely stomach a few bites in one sitting, and when I eat more than that, I lay uncomfortable for about a half hour wondering if those three bites will come back up! It's crazy. My body is changing rapidly and I've never felt heavier. But in the midst of it all, feeling those strong movements from within remind me that these things are trivial in comparison to bringing life into this world.

I can't lie about being overjoyed at the presence of spring. I've been dying all winter to get out and take a walk, but the ice made me nervous and the cold was daunting. Now with the fresh scent of spring in the air, I don't think I could tie myself down to stay indoors! I keep getting little visions of myself pushing my stroller along in this warm weather, showing little Peyton the flowers and watching her take in with wonder the outside world.

But for now, I am gently reminding her to stay put where she is safest. I am praying for peace for her, and peace for my contracting uterus. I haven't had too much pain since yesterday, and now it's just frequent contractions. Knowing that I have a doctor who is ready to receive my call should anything more happen is comforting. For now, I'm just waiting and praying, and taking it easy. I'll let you know how things go.


Jess said...

I will continue to hold you, brian, and your little girl in my prayers. She probably can't wait to meet her mommy and daddy. Prayers that she stays put and that you have some comfort in this last trimester. I know this little dancer/soccer player is going to bring you great joy. Rest in Him who cares for you and let him hold you close and give you comfort.

Side note, going baby shopping for you this weekend!

love you and wish I could fly out to see you, but since I can't I will be here waiting and praying.


wissy1219 said...

Dearest Claire - I've tried to comment here before, but it hasn't let me ... so here we go again :)
I will be praying ever so hard for the 3 of you! It's so hard when pregnancy gets uncomfortable .. and especially when you have reason to be a little concerned. I will be praying God keeps Miss Peyton in there to keep growing and getting strong.
I miss you! Someday our children will meet!


Carrie.Hannah.Ben said...

Just wanted to let you know I've been praying for you guys. Hope all is well.