Flying Colors

Peyton passed another biophysical profile this week with flying colors. I'm so proud of how she's doing and coming along. It's so fun to feel her continuing to grow inside of me. She oftentimes will stretch out her legs inside of me and I'll feel them jabbing into my side :) It's a little painful, but truthfully, I love it. I love feeling my little girl move and grow.

The induction is only 3 weeks from Friday! It's so crazy to think about. My prayer though, is that I will deliver naturally before then. I would love to go into labor all on my own the night of the 28th. But we'll see what the Lord has planned.

I can't help but acknowledge the fact, that although I get to meet her soon, that also means I'll no longer have her in my stomach! That's a sad thought to be honest. I have so enjoyed feeling her move and grow, and feeling her hiccups! From those first small taps when her feet were only the size of fingertips, to the huge waves of motion I feel across my stomach as she rolls over, now closer to 4 pounds! It's amazing. Pregnancy is definitely the most incredible and awesome experience I have ever had. It's so amazing even to realize that my body works! It works in the way it was created to, and I get to partner with God in the incredible process of Creation. It's been physically taxing, and exhausting, and it's hard, but at the same time, it's so radically mind blowing and enjoyable!

I've been setting up her room, and it's a lot of fun! When it's done, I'll post a picture... but for now it's still a work in progress :)

I'll keep you posted.

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Jess said...

yay for Peyton and you! All done shopping for you (yes there are still stores left. I didn't go completly crazy). I just have one tiny detail bonus for you that I hope to finish this weekend and send next Monday.

you're almost there! This time next month your beautiful baby girl will be here!

Hope you had a wonderful mother's day and you, Bryan, and Peyton will continue to be in my prayers.