Peyton loves bathtime. Well, sort of. She loves being immersed in the tub; loves having the warm water poured over her body; loves having her head scrubbed with shampoo.... but she HATES being naked. The moment we undress her for her bath, she's screaming bloody murder. Thankfully that only lasts seconds, because the moment her little toots is swimming in that warm bathwater, she's a happy camper.

On the subject of bathtime, I absolutely LOVE my Thymes Sweetleaf Baby fragrance in Baby Wash & Shampoo, and Baby Lotion. Peyton emerges from bathtime a sweet smelling, soft skinned bundle of joy (and cleanliness!)
She's loving this bathrobe that she's wearing (and so am I!) Grandpa Vander Kraats got it for her. Isn't she adorable??? Yup. She's perfect.


Leigh said...

so sweet!

Jess said...

awwww! every girl loves being pampered. so cute!