All Alone Here

There is something so refreshing to me these days about being alone. The invaluable gift of slipping off to a place where you can't be bothered or interrupted. That place for me... is my closet. I slip in here during Peyton's nap time. Close the door, play some soft music and cherish the joy of being perfectly alone.

When I was single, and not yet a mother, I didn't realize the asset that aloneness was. Moreover, I think I resented it. I was a social butterfly, constantly surrounding myself with people. But the reality of it is, aloneness has become my sanctuary of sorts. A place I must go to relax, unwind and recuperate to face the rest of the day. Even a few precious moments are life-giving to me.

...and I hear Peyton stirring from her nap. A precious few moments they were.

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Katie said...

i read your blog Claire and I love when you post! I was at Bethany last week...wish i could have see you guys! I pray your heart is fully alive as you enter into this new season!!