Friday Recipe

Whipping up this delicious Almond Mandarin Salad for dinner tonight! Enjoy the recipe!

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Mrs. Ria Thurston said...

Yum!! Looks delicious, this is my favorite salad :)

Ps. I noticed on your twitter that you were struggling with gallbladder pain. I have been too for the past month. Finally I could not stand it anymore, I went to the doctor and they decided to take an ultra-sound. The results came back completely NORMAL. Have you been to the doctor at all?

It could be the gall stone passing or just an attack! Yikes! I have seriously decided that for me... it is a gall attack from the ENEMY! Recently when it has happened, I just claim the power of Jesus through prayer and it seems to go away!

Oh - How I love reading your blog and getting a peek into your life. Be blessed!!