I have a Dream...

When I was a student at Bethany College of Missions I worked in the admissions office. While there, I stumbled upon a hidden passion I didn't even know I had. I fell in love with Graphic Design. Fell head over heels in love, actually.

I was able to excercise my new found talent in small ways, revamping documents and admissions materials. I loved the emphasis on detail, the motivation for intricate perfection, and the satisfaction of an attractive completed design.

Since then, I have had very little opportunity to expose myself to designing. Marriage and then motherhood became my main gigs. But the dream never completely disappeared.

Now that Peyton is growing and I'm remembering me again... The me apart from pregnancy. The me apart from motherhood, the me as I am deep inside... I realize that this passion is still very forefront. It's a useful passion, admittedly. There is so much demand in today's society. It is also very competitive. But I can't shake this dream from my heart.

It is perhaps a long-off vision. But it's one that I hope to pursue one day. One day when I have a little me time again. Perhaps an online degree? Perhaps an investment in some resources (software, books, etc). What's great about it, is it's something I can pursue from home. Being immersed in our ministry right now, I'm not sure how close at hand this vision is. But, hey, a girl can dream, right?

What I'm doing right now to pursue this, is saving up Amazon gift cards that I earn through Swagbucks. okay, bear with me because I might sound like a sales girl for about 5 seconds... but I use Swagbucks instead of Google, and win "digital dollars". For every 45 that I earn, I redeem a $5 Amazon gift card. Swagbucks are easy to earn and I typically win about 2 a day from searching for the same things I would typically search google for. Eventually I'd like to purchase Adobe Illustrator. Once again, perhaps a far-off dream, but one that I'm slowing chasing.

What's your dream? What is your secret passion that you want to pursue for you? I don't want this post to sound self centered. But in all seriousness, what do you wish you could do? If you were to take a little time and do something to better yourself, for yourself?

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Mrs. Ria Thurston said...

Love your dreams Claire! I am into photography and my dream is that someday (when I become a mama) this will be my side carrer. Aside from being a wife & mom. This is not really a secret, but recently have been so blessed to have opportunities to practice this with friends & family. I love it! My blog for photography is: