The Husband Survey

1. HE'S SITTING IN FRONT OF THE TV, WHAT'S ON? Bryan doesn't watch an excessive amount of TV, but when he does watch, he absolutely loves anything on Discovery Channel. He loves to watch things about wildlife (mainly predators) and he loves hunting and fishing shows. He's an outdoor boy through and through! Anything having to do with nature is great in his opinion.

2. YOU'RE OUT TO EAT, WHAT KIND OF DRESSING DOES HE GET ON HIS SALAD? Anything smothered in Ranch is a win-win situation for him!

3. WHAT IS ONE FOOD HE DOESN'T LIKE? Potatoes. Any form. Any way. He HATES potatoes.

4. YOU GO OUT TO EAT, AND WHAT DOES HE ORDER TO DRINK? Water. Always water. He prefers to have water with his meal, a) because it doesn't cost anything and b) because it leaves the most room for his meal. But, he knows that if he orders water I'll feel like I should order water so occasionally he'll order a Strawberry Lemonade to free me up :)

5. WHERE DID HE GO TO HIGH SCHOOL? Jordan High School. I have his letterman jacket to prove it! (cute, right? I know, when I wear it I feel straight out of a 1950s high school romance movie!)

6. WHAT SIZE SHOE DOES HE WEAR? 10 or 10 1/2 can't quite remember which. Wait, maybe 11?

7. IF HE WAS TO COLLECT ANYTHING, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Coins. He loves to collect old coins. He loves prospecting and searching for old things that have been buried, forgotten. I adore that part of him. That part that is so unmistakably little boy... the awe and wonder he has for what has been lost beneath the earth... only to be found by one with enough intrigue and time to retrieve it. He gets this sparkle in his eyes and comes home covered in dirt and a soil covered palm filled with old "treasures". Life sure is an adventure with him by my side!

8. WHAT IS HIS FAVORITE TYPE OF SANDWICH? Anything that's stuffed full. Full of meat, cheese, sauce, veggies, whatever. Gotta have hot sauce. And Miracle Whip. Needs to be dripping with both.

9. WHAT WOULD HE EAT EVERYDAY IF HE COULD? As gross as this is going to sound... Hot dogs. He has a crazy obsession. And somehow, he manages to keep a totally trim, muscular, sexy build. Go figure.

10. WHAT IS HIS FAVORITE CEREAL? Cinnamon Toast Crunch. No hesitation.

11. WHAT WOULD HE NEVER WEAR? Taking this non-literally... chapstick. He hates chapstick. The only time he won't kiss me is when I've put some on. Hates the wax feel, apparently. 

12. WHAT IS HIS FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM? He's not particularly die hard for any one team. But he's a definite Vikings fan nonetheless.

13. DID HE VOTE? Absolutely.

14. WHO IS HIS BEST FRIEND? Me!!! He tells me everyday, which is the sweetest thing. And he is mine... for all of forever.

15. WHAT IS SOMETHING YOU DO THAT HE WISHES YOU WOULDN'T DO? This one brings tears to my eyes, but truthfully, I know that he wishes I wouldn't speak badly about myself. If I mention things about myself that I'm unsatisfied with he asks me not to. He asks me not to insult his gem. And I love him for it. God knew what He was doing when He blessed me with Bryan. He's perfect for me. Divinely perfect.

16. WHAT IS HIS HERITAGE? He's half-Mexican, but he doesn't know what else he is.

17. YOU BAKE HIM A CAKE FOR HIS BIRTHDAY, WHAT KIND OF CAKE? I wouldn't do cake. I'd bake him an Apple Crisp and serve it along with Butter Pecan ice cream. He'd be in heaven.
18. DID HE PLAY SPORTS IN HIGH SCHOOL? Yes! He played football, and was very, very good. I've heard from his younger siblings that they can't escape his shadow! His football prowess is still the talk of the school ;) I've had the privilege to see him play... and all the rumors are true... he's amazing!

19. WHAT COULD HE SPEND HOURS DOING? He loves being in nature. He can spend hours sitting in a deer stand just reveling in the natural state of the world around him. He loves being in nature long enough, that nature adjusts to his presence and continues on as though he were a part of it. He loves the quiet where he can think and be alone with his God. He could spend hours worshiping the Lord. He could spend hours hiking, climbing a mountain, or prospecting. He just LOVES the woods. I love that rugged, wild side of him. He's every inch a man.

20. WHAT IS ONE UNIQUE TALENT HE HAS? You'd never know it by looking at him, but he's brilliant on the violin.


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