My Siblings

I love you, my siblings.

You've always been there, through every moment. And you've always understood.

You both have a way of making me laugh, even when my eyes are full of tears.

No matter where we go in life, the same blood runs in our veins.  
 We will always be family.
You are the ones to whom I can speak volumes without uttering a single word.

You are the ones who know everything about me...
...and still love me completely.


No matter how life changes us, or how distant we become...
...nothing can change the years we spent together...
...being molded.
...being shaped.
We in turn have shaped each other. Consequently, I wouldn't be who I am without either of you.

The three of us are family. Nothing can change that. We love each other in a way that no one else ever can. Though we move on and find new families, families of our own making...

...nothing can erase the one family we didn't choose. The family we were given. The family we needed.

To Colin, my "boetje",
You were always my hero. My role model.
Everything you did defined cool for me. I only wanted to be like you; to find approval in your eyes.
Only now as I've grown, do I truly appreciate the role you played in my life.
As I look back on my life, you were always there. 
Always cheering me on.
Always a hand on my shoulder, making sure I was okay.

Almost a decade separates us, but in you I found more than a sibling.
I found a protector, a friend, a comrade. 
I found a counselor, a teacher, my big brother.

 Leigh, I've told you a million times, you were my rock.
You were my safe place.
You were always there... my best friend who never had to go home.
We did everything together. We lived together, grew together, and left together.
I miss you everyday, but I love where life has brought us both.
Thank you for being there for me always.
And now, in the biggest life change we've ever made,
I'll have you right there by my side.
My rock. My hand to hold. My fearless leader. My big sister.

I wouldn't be who I am without you.
I love you forever, don't ever forget.

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Anonymous said...

you look like your family :D
I miss ya over here or up ... hehe
God bless you guys