They're Gonna Cut Me Open!

Guess what, blog readers?! I'm having surgery. And I'm TERRIFIED.

I'm not sure how much I blogged in the past about my gall stone situation. But I seem to have developed a whole bunch of big ol' gall stones during my pregnancy. They've been causing me pain since about September. I kept putting it off because of breastfeeding, but the pain has become intolerable (and now that Peyton is eating 3 meals of solid food a day, it's no problem for her to drink some pumped milk while I recover). I wake up in the middle of the night... doubled over and crying. It's horrible. And it lasts sometimes up to 6 hours without relief. Nothing really helps. Thus... they're going to cut me open! YIKES!

My surgery is scheduled for January 6th! THIS WEDNESDAY!!! Please Pray!

I've NEVER had surgery in my whole life. Still have my tonsils... still have my appendix... even still have my wisdom teeth. Peyton's birth was natural... not even a C-section under my belt. I'm terrified.

I've never been artificially put to sleep and I think that scares me more than the actually cutting open! Any words of consolation for me, dear readers?

I met the surgeon, and he's got about 15 years of experience under his belt and commented that he's done about 1,000 of these surgeries in the past couple months. I'm guessing that means I'm in good hands.

There will be only one incision in my belly button... the doctor says it will heal without even a mark (which I'm happy about... not that I intend to parade around in a bikini any time soon... but you know, a girl wants to look her best!)

I have the butterflies just thinking about all of this! Please, I covet your prayers and encouraging words! Do any of you have surgery stories to tell? (NO HORROR STORIES UNTIL AFTER I'M DONE, OKAY?)


Sean said...

As I think I mentioned to you the other night I've been through five surgeries. They all went without a hitch. Here are a few things to remember:

Listen to the nurses. They really do know best.

Remember, everyone is there for you. If you're not happy, comfortable or calm tell someone and let them fix it. You're not there for their benefit.

Listen to the doctor's time frame about rehabilitation. I tried to cut my short and was miserable.

Let yourself be waited on. It happens so infrequently in life that you really should let yourself enjoy it.

You'll be fine and we'll be praying.

Claire said...

Thank you Sean! That helped. And I have to admit, I am looking forward to being waited on ;)

Thanks so much for praying. I REALLY appreciate it! Love you guys!* said...

Praying for you, dear blogger friend! God will be with you. :) I always have my ipod w/ me. Can you have it with you?? I would listen to music until I was out... :)
nothing like hillsong/ worship music to soothe your fears.
hope this works.

Claire said...

B... what a great idea!!! I'm definitely going to call them first thing in the morning to find out if I'm allowed to have headphones in during surgery... I love this idea! I think it would calm me so much to have some worship playing!

Emily said...

I had eye surgery when I was 10 months and last year when I was 13 and they put me out and it was no problem! I did bring my ipod and listened to it until they put me out. I just woke up and it was all over! We're praying for you!

Kayla Christine said...

Definetly praying for you and Brian and little Peyton! Just keep leaning on the Lord Jesus! Love to you all!

Leigh said...

I told you earlier this, but it really is awesome sleep! don't be nervous, you won't have a clue what's happening. you'll wake up from that deep sleep that you probably haven't experienced since Peyton was born...or since before you got pregnant, and it'll be over! love you sis, I'll be praying all day, and you'll be great! God is going to be holding your hand so tightly!

p.s. LOVE the ipod idea, that would be soo helpful and peaceful.