A Heartbeat and a Trial.

There is so much in a heartbeat. 
But we almost ignore it.

Because to us, a beating heart is a normality. 
Something we all have, 

But when I saw that beating heart on the ultrasound screen
showing me that my precious baby was healthy and alive...

It was so much more than just an everyday (or every mili second!) occurance.
It was a promise.

A promise that in roughly 7 months
I'll be holding a precious new baby in my arms.

I'll share a picture when I get my scanner hooked up... but for now, I am relaxing with my feet up, a cold glass of water and a smile on my face. Because this momma of TWO is very happy in the life she's been given, and the blessings that have been showered on her.

Peace has been hard to come by these past few weeks. With our visa application still very lost somewhere in the mail, and a leave date approaching... If our visa application isn't returned to us by Wednesday, we won't be able to board a plane on May 30th because we won't be able to get the application returned, processed and approved in that amount of time.

But, if we don't board that plane... we are in a place of crazy unknowns. Because on May 30th, our car will be relinquished to its new owner, Bryan's last day at work will have passed, and our lease on our apartment will have expired. Leaving us with no income, no car and no place to live. Everything was lined up for us to be on a plane on May 30th... until they lost our visa applications in the mail. 

I have called the Postal Service time and again with no answer. Each time they tell me I will have an answer by... Monday... no Wednesday... no Friday.... but time is running out. We need your prayers DESPERATELY. And if any one of you happens to be a close personal friend of the Postmaster General... you know... Wanna put in a good word?

I'll keep you posted. 

But until then, I'm going to keep on smiling because this life in side of me with it's perfect, beating heart is keeping me grounded. Thank you Jesus, for knowing what we need to get through each trial.


Summerz Mile Soundtrack said...

AWWWW i miss you and Yes my blog is true :) june 19th 2011 :) I can't wait :)

Jess said...

You will not be stranded. God wouldn't have 9 out of 10 things come together and then have the tenth thing tear it all apart. You, Bryan, Peyton, and the little one inside you (have to include him/her too) WILL board a plane Africa. I have faith that HE will see to it that you all do.

I am so happy for you all! I know you have wanted to be a missionary there for sometime and now you get to do it will a beautiful, growing family.

I will continue to pray for you and your family. You have a stong faith and even though I don't know Bryan, I know he has a faith that matches yours.



ps. have find out how much it costs to ship gifts to South Africa! And sorry this is so long!

Stephanie M. Page said...

Saying a prayer right now, God knows and He sees!!!

p.s. so excited for you and that baby! yay! =)