Peace that Passes

Hey Everyone!
Still no word on our visas... but to be honest... I feel totally at peace! I have no idea why, other than that JESUS IS AMAZING and HE keeps us grounded no matter what! How awesome is it, that our hearts and minds are GUARDED by a peace that passes understanding? As joint-heirs with Christ we are beyond blessed.
I'm simply enjoying my family and our time together. I'm cherishing the moments of having Peyton as an only child (for the next 7 months!) and I'm basking in the presence of the Lord because that is where I find my peace.
I know that in 12 days, we will have an answer. We will either be on that plane, or we won't. But God is in control and wherever we are, we will be trusting Him for our lives.
For now I'm enjoying the little things. Here are a few of those "little things" for you to enjoy as well ;)

The growing miracle of life inside my womb. (and wow, I'm really showing quicker this time around!) 

Enjoying popsicles on a hot summer day with my darling daughter :P

My handsome, hardworking man who treats me like a princess no matter what. (quick explaination... the only reason there are goats behind him--lol--is because we were at a petting zoo that day!)

Seeing this beautiful smile each morning, and hearing her squeal in delight when I come in her room to wake her up... and especially when she reaches those darling arms up to me... begging me to smother her in a warm embrace!

There are too many blessings in my life for me to count. And the peace that passes understanding has gifted me with a smile on my face even when faced with uncertainties.


Brittany Ciara said...

Geez! When did I miss the new baby news! OMG! Congrats Claire! I'm praying for you!

~The Harrison Family~ said...

It makes my heart smile to see you having so much peace in everything Claire. Like you said, no matter what, whether you are on that plane or not you will be following the Lord and honoring Him with you life and that's what matters most! The pictures are adorable....and you don't have to explain the goats, we know your real dream is to live on a farm ;)

Ria Thurston said...

Beautiful, Beautiful! What a gorrrgeous place to be in -- basking in his peace that DOES surpass all understanding. I pray that it guards your heart AND mind. Two places that the enemy would SO love to mess up. Oh, your peace is contagious. LOVE the belly bump... too cute!! Wow 7 months will go SO fast. I love how you are going to look back on this time in oh a year or 2 and see perfectly the BIG picture of what God is doing. YAY! :) Thanks for the update, dear!

Sara Pugsley said...

Your belly looks like mine did right away. I hated trying to hide it while those first weeks past!!!! I'm praying for you :)