Happy Birthday, My Love!

It's my handsome husband's 25th birthday today!

As most of you probably know, Bryan and I met in college. When I first got to BCOM, the last thing I was looking for was a boyfriend (and definitely NOT a husband!) I had my sights set on the mission field, with romantic dreams of living on a little island somewhere in my OWN hut in my OWN hammock ;) (I had a lot to learn haha)

I met Bryan early on and we became friends quickly, we loved hanging out with the same people and we played lots of sports together. It quickly became obvious that we had alot in common, and I was definitely attracted to him... but I didn't want anything beyond friendship. Bryan had other ideas ;) He pursued me quickly, and the way he asked me to date him was BEYOND romantic! I took some time to pray but after a couple days of praying and soul searching, I knew there was no way I could say no to this handsome man!

After our first year of college, we had to leave each other to go home for break. As we said a tearful goodbye, I boarded the plane and was honestly shocked at how truly sad I was to be leaving this man who had so quickly come to mean so much. I remember sitting in my seat as the plane was taking off, and I was listening to a Lifehouse CD. The song "First Time" came on and in that moment, as I cried and longed to be back with Bryan, I heard those words, "Looking at you, holding my breath. For once in my life, I'm scared to death. I'm taking a chance--letting you inside. I'm feeling alive all over again, as deep as the sky under my skin, like being in love...for the first time." I realized in that very moment that I was deeply, magically in love with Bryan Luke Flores and I never wanted to say goodbye ever again.

10 months after our first date, (2 months after that day on the plane) the man of my dreams got down on one knee and proposed at the waterfront (and of course it was SUNSET!) in my hometown of Burlington, Vermont. (he traveled all the way there from his home in MN to surprise me with a dozen roses and a proposal!!! oooo and of course, a GORGEOUS diamond ring!) 3 months later, we got married in the campus church where we met. 2 years and 6 months later, we're HAPPILY married and blissfully in love!

Just 7 months after our wedding, we knew we wanted to start a family. After less than 2 months of trying, we conceived our darling little Peyton Spring. We were overjoyed at the positive pregnancy test, and loved going through the whole experience side by side. Welcoming our little girl was just one more beautiful chapter in our love story.

Since we began our journey of parenthood, I have fallen more and more deeply in love with Bryan. He is the most incredible and committed father, and Peyton seems to think the sun and moon set with him! She gets this look of importance when she's in his arms!

 I wish that I could beautifully put in words everything I feel in my heart towards this wonderful man. He is my love, my teammate, my best friend and my safe place. I revel in having his arms around me, and I feel fully alive when I am with him. My heart is full of nothing but pure joy when I think about spending the rest of my life with him. He is the best thing that ever happened to me, besides Jesus, and I daily marvel at how blessed I am to have been given such an amazing husband. I couldn't have asked for a better man by my side or a more wonderful, loving father for my babies.

I never worry about where Bryan will lead our family, or about the decisions he makes for us. I always can trust him to make the best possible decision, because I see him in the secret times... I see him on his face before God seeking His will for us, and that causes my heart to rest in his love and leadership.

Happy Birthday, babe. I hope you feel loved and appreciated, respected and adored on this day... YOUR day. Thank you for being my knight in shining armor, my rock, my best friend, and my home.

"I could write a million songs about the way you say my name.
I could live a lifetime with you and then do it all again." 
(-Brooke Fraser)


Lindsey V said...

Oh, what a great story and a great tribute to the love of your life!! Have a wonderful day together so far away from home!! :)

Truly His said...

What a SWEET post for your husband!! You guys have a beautiful story and faith filled home - I love it! I pray you guys had a great day together and make many, many more precious memories!!P.S. I can totally relate to your thoughts on living alone in your OWN cot. :) That is so funny!

~The Harrison Family~ said...

Beautiful post Claire! You are so you know! Hope you two had a great day together!

Tori said...

I hope he had a fantastic birthday! I just adore that picture of you two in front of the carriage :)