Life in Between

Whew! It's been a crazy week. Packing, packing, packing, packing, packing.... We moved in with my sister and her husband and we'll be here until we fly out in 16 days! Crazy, huh? It's all going soooo fast.

While Bryan and I were packing up our things, I couldn't help but notice how good we are at packing... Too many moves... wayyyy too many. Hopefully life will settle down for us from here on out. But God's plan is perfect, and He has taught us so much through all our transitions... and what can I say?! We've met some AMAZING people along the way!

Yesterday I was blessed to go to a baby shower for our friend Marysol who works with YWAM here in Muizenberg. She is from the States, but met and married a South African, and they now make their home here in Cape Town. They have an INCREDIBLE story! Marysol is pregnant (due this month!!) with their baby girl.. but get this! They are going through the process of adopting a little South African boy AT THE SAME TIME! Their babies will be about 3 months apart.... So they'll be having twins :) It's such an incredible story of faith and love! I cried through her whole shower ;) Keep them in your thoughts and prayers over this next month as they wait for one baby to be born and another baby to come home!!!

These next two weeks, Bryan and I will be enjoying time with our friends here and preparing ourselves to head back stateside. Please pray that we can secure our apartment!!! We have one that we are working towards, but there are just a few more things to do before it's really ours. We LOVE it and are just praying that it will go through without complications! Also, please be praying for Bryan as he's JOB HUNTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a process! As you know, he's going to be pursuing law-enforcement long term, but he has to get an interim job for now. Please keep us in your thoughts!

Peyton is walking, as you know from the last post. Here's a cute picture of her these days:

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Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Praying for you... Easy transitions, a wonderful job, and plenty of help all along the way. :)