3 Weeks Left.. and WALKING!

Thank you all so much for your comments! I was so blessed and encouraged by everything each one of you had to say. Difficult times in life are always made easier when you have friends to love you through!
We have 3 weeks left here in South Africa. This is such a transitory time in our lives… we are trying to equally “distribute” ourselves between enjoying the time we have left here, and being wise in our preparations for our next step. We are attempting to sign a lease on an apartment in Vermont, but it’s taking forever to get our application processed. It’s so hard to do that sort of thing internationally! We can’t just jump on the phone with the landlord or whoever… Thankfully my parents live in the area, so they’ve been able to do a lot of the legwork for us as far as apartment hunting, car shopping, etc. We’re just really hoping this lease will go through. It’s a nice townhouse within our price range that has 3 small bedrooms and nice backyard. It would be a great place to start out with our family of 4! I’m trying not to set my heart on it too much, as since it’s a great deal, it’s had a lot of interest. But God is in control! He’ll get us the right place. I truly believe that.
In less than a week we’ll move in with my sister and her husband for the last 2 weeks we have here in South Africa. It will be nice to be able to spend some really focused time with them before we leave on the 15th. We just sold our car this week, so living with Leigh & Andy will still enable us to do ministry since we can car-pool with them. We want to “finish strong” here in South Africa and continue to create great memories with the people we’ve come to know and love.
In totally other news…. I HAVE A WALKER!! Peyton took her first steps last week, and has been working up more confidence ever since! She’s still not full blown walking everywhere, but I’ll look over to see her walking small distances all the time. I’m so proud of her! At 15 months, a lot of other babies her age have been walking for a while, but Peyton has done things in her own time  ; ) Here’s a video of the big moment!!!

I hope you’re all doing well! Leigh and Andy have MUCH better internet than we do, so next week I hope to get caught up with all of your lives!


Krystle said...

Go Peyton! What a cutie pie!! How cool, you can always tell her she learned to walk in South Africa! :)

Callie Nicole said...

Aw, so cute! Yay for Peyton! That's exciting. :-)

~The Harrison Family~ said...

Yay Peyton! She is such a doll, Claire! And it's so cool to see you guys live :) Praying that if that townhouse is supposed to be for you guys then it will be! Enjoy your last weeks there. Hugs ♥

Rachele Lynn said...

I loved this video!!! You guys all look soooooo great!!! I love your family!

Shannon Lindsay said...

I love it! Cried a little watching her - I can't believe she's already walking! Aidan watched with me, and I told him that "the mommy in the video used to babysit for you! Now she has a baby of her own!" He doesn't totally remember, but he thinks your baby is very cute. I love how she mimics Brian's hand motions to "come here!" So precious :)

Jess said...

Yay Peyton! That was the cutest video ever seen! You and Bryan were experiencing pure joy and it was wonderful to see. She was just too adorable for words.

Praying God will lead to guys to house that's a perfect fit for your family.