A Job!

We are so thankful this week, because Bryan has a job!!! Now, you all know by now that the ultimate goal is for Bryan to get a job in the police force, but that's a long process so he needed something for the interim. He was hired a construction company that is currently building a military base in Rutland. The downside is that Rutland is 2 hours south of us, so it's definitely a commute... but we're so thankful that he has a job! And this position has already opened up more opportunity for him--he'll be working in Massachusetts over the weekend on a separate project that will pay great.

I'm so thankful for my husband and his willingness to do anything to support our family. I know he doesn't enjoy getting up at 4 am for work... and only getting home at 8pm... and I know he doesn't love commuting 4 hours a day... but he does it with such a willing heart! I am so blessed to have such a strong, loving husband who is such a hard worker.

It's been so great to see how his employer has already recognized him for his hard work! I'm so proud of him. I definitely miss him during the days, but I know this is just a season.

Thanks for all your prayers for him to find a job!!


Tori said...

Congrats to Brian on a new job and a job well done! :)

~The Harrison Family~ said...

A two hour commute each way?! Oh my! Wow, that is so wonderful that he is embracing it full force and counting it as a blessing. So glad to hear about the job Claire, God is so faithful! Hugs!