Brand New Look!

Hey Everybody! Sorry it's been a while, but life has been fast paced these past couple of weeks!

Spring has FINALLY arrived! I'm not sure if there's anyone more excited about it's arrival than me! After spending winter in Minnesota and Vermont last year, then flying down to South Africa just in time for their winter, and then coming back to Vermont in the fall of this year, I have never been more happy to see spring! After a literal FULL year of winter, the warmth is a welcome change.

And of course, with the newness of spring a brand new blog design was in order as well!!!! What do you think?!?!

Many thanks to the wonderful Hannah Nicole (click the button to the left to check her out!) for the beautiful, brand new design!!! She did a great job and I'm so impressed by her talent and ability at even such a young age! She is a beautiful young woman and was a pleasure to work with! 

If you're wanting to welcome spring with a new blog look as well, be sure to check her out! 

Be sure to grab my button and add it to your blog!

I promise I'll be back with you soon with a regular post... but right now I've gotta get out and enjoy this beautiful sunshine!


Marysol said...

Love this new look, clean and airy feeling. Ready for Spring!

Beka said...

OH MYYYY! I love this new look! ADORABLE!!! :) SO SO SO CUTE!

Lindsey V said...

LOVE the new look!

And are we living parallel time schemes....??? I just wrote a post about "A Year of Winter". I SOOOOOO get the excitement of spring!