Featured: Moms And Babies

Today I'm featured over at Through Clouded Glass for Callie's Moms And Babies post!!!

I'm so excited to take part in this! I've loved reading Callie's past Moms And Babies features and being encouraged by other wonderful mommas in the blogosphere! She asks some great questions that really got me thinking and meditating on this wonderful calling and life that I get to live!

So head on over to read a little more about my journey of motherhood!

And thanks so much Callie for having me! You're a blessing!!

(Scroll down and check out more of Callie's posts while you're there. She's a beautiful young momma whose honesty is refreshing! I love reading from her... feels like I'm sitting in her living room with a cup of coffee--the best type of blog!)


Kyndra Lynne said...

I so enjoyed reading your little interview. :) It reminded me to really cherish my time with my husband no matter what's going on with life... I needed that, so thank you.

Emily said...

ugh, every time i click on the link to her site, it takes me to my blogger header page. Not sure if it's just my issue. =/

Katie said...

I just found your blog and I am a new "follower" :) I am so inspired by your writing! Also, your answer about connecting with your husband really spoke to me as I'm struggling to do that with a 4 month old!

Anna said...

I loved reading your interview at Callie's (especially because I'm about to have my second baby), and I'm your newest subscriber. :)

Melissa Reiner said...

I really enjoyed reading that! I had to laugh at what your days look like, because I seriously could have written that myself, apart from nursing (although that was my normal not all that long ago!). Even down to the naptimes, bedtime, ect. All of your comments on tips and advice for having 2 were dead on .. I agree 100%!!! And I loved what you said about carving that intentional time out as husband and wife. We struggle with doing special things together in the evening because it's so easy to be tired and just fall into a rut of the same old stuff. Thanks for the reminder :)