Doctor's Appointments

Today I got up bright and early to get the kids ready to head out the door for doctor's appointments! Now that we live a little further out from our doctor's offices, I decided to book us full for one day! It should be quite the day, but I'm thankful I've got my mom to help! I truly am blessed to have her living so near by so that she can help on busy days like these.

I'll update you all after these appointments are over :) I feel like after such a long time of not blogging as frequently, there's a lot to share with you all!

Ohhh, and in home news, there is a large dresser sitting on a sheet of plastic in my entry way just begging me to refinish it! Hubby and I picked it up for free on the side of the road and it really is a beautiful dresser! Some new knobs and a nice fresh coat of paint and I think it will make the perfect accent piece for our entry. Jury is still out on the color..... But I better pick soon because it's begging for new life!

My happy firstborn picking apples at the orchard this past weekend!
(haha doesn't she look hilarious in those  sunglasses?!)

It's so cold here lately (welcome to New England fall!) but the sun is shining this morning so I can't complain. Pair that with the fact that I get to break out the flats and a cute blazer today, and I'm a happy (though chilly) girl!!!

Alright, I'm off to our appointments! Enjoy your Monday, all!


Natalie said...

Good luck at the doctor! Oh and can't wait to see that refinished dresser when you do get done with it :)

Rachel Flores said...

I think you should paint it gray ( :

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

Enjoy your jam packed day!! I don't know what it means to have it be chilly outside, but I'm sure I'd be loving it too. I'm ready for the temp to drop just a wee bit.

Way to score on a free dresser. You'll have to do before and after pictures. :)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes