Friday Foolishness

Haha, I just realized as I was posting this that it isn't Friday anymore! Oh well, you can forgive me, right?!

Stole this "Friday Foolishness" fill in the blank post from my friend Krystle! Go check her out, she's a wonderful inspiration and beautiful mommy to her 3 sons!

3 little men and a mommy

Fill in the blanks....

If I were to get pregnant again. Well, I :) 10 weeks 5 days! 

If I could have any job in the world. Honestly? Actress/Singer. Both are sort of hidden talents of mine that I never really got to use beyond concerts and plays in high school! 

If I had a day to myself.Mmmm I'm feeling relaxed just thinking about it! I'd hit the mall--go crazy going into all my favorite stores trying stuff on... then I'd hit a cafe, get a coffee and sit sipping, enjoying the silence....maybe do a little reading and writing.

If I could get married all over again..Well, I'd still marry Bryan! But I would have stuck to my guns and not sacrificed my dream for an outdoor, spring wedding. Our indoor winter wedding was nice, but it wasn't my dream. We honestly scheduled it around his brother...but I wish I would have put my foot down and been adamant about what mattered to me, not his brother's schedule! (his brother ended up being free on the date I wanted anyway!!!!) I really wanted to get married outdoors in a gazebo with fresh blossoms everywhere!!! (love MN in the springtime!)

If I could live anywhere in the US....hmmm. I'm not sure! I'd want to try a few places out before I could truly answer this one :) I love Minneapolis and miss it a lot so maybe there! But I always missed the mountains when we lived there, so who knows! 

If my girl would have been boy they would have been named...We never picked a boy name for Peyton because we were sure she was a girl from the start :) But we had picked the name Truett Justice for Britany. (and I'm not spoiling any surprises because I don't think we'll use that name for this baby even if it's a boy!) 

If I could have any talent in the world.... hmmm. I think I would be a musician. I played piano, flute and tried guitar but I never really took off with any of them. I'd love to get really good at piano particularly. (we're getting a piano soon so maybe that dream will have a chance!)

If you met me in real'd realize that I hate awkward silence. I'd rather blab my face off then feel like you feel awkward around me! I like to make people feel comfortable! 

If I could go back to school and get a different degree..well, I don't have ANY degree  so I would major in writing and minor in graphic design.

If money was no so many things! I'd buy a huge house and fill it with people! Our kids and other families who need a place. And kids we'd adopt or just take in! ANNND... I'd buy a new computer since mine just died :) And I'd buy some SUPER cute clothes. And I'd choose anywhere we want to live and then if we're not near one or both of our families I'd buy them second homes near us (and private jets) so they can come any time they want to come see us! 

If I could meet one celebrity, it would be..... You want me to choose ONE?! Christina Aguilera so we she can give me even just one voice lesson! 

If I could shop at only one store the rest of my life..oooo. I couldn't do that. I love to mix and match looks. I love Charlotte Russe (how boring, I know, but don't hate. Vermont has such a slim selection of stores!) but honestly, I couldn't limit myself like that!!

If we were to get another pet it would be..we don't have any pets... but it'd be a horse. (another little known fact about me! I horseback rode for years!) 

If I could go on a trip right now...second honeymoon with my hubby don't even care where! 

If I had to choose between a house cleaner and a personal chef. HOUSE CLEANER. allllllllllll the way! Besides, I LOVE to cook.

If I had the option of plastic surgery.wouldn't do it. I hate the way plastic surgery makes people look. 


Krystle said...

Yay! Love your answers...I think we'd have fun in real life :)

Sara Pugsley said...

So cute! I admire you for the liking to cook part. I'm going through that right now, trying to learn how to actually prepare enough good meals in one day and clean up after it all. I feel like I don't have enough imagination!
But on the bright side, I look forward to riding horses in heaven with you!!!

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

I loved your money answer. You kept going and going. haha I'm sure I'd be the same way.

I hear so often about the wedding regrets. Its sad how much we get forced into doing our weddings the way others want and not the way we had originally wanted. :(

I would choose a cleaner over cooker too!!

Emily w/Amazing Grapes