Tribute Tuesday: My Favorite Bloggers

You know, I started blogging because I love to write. But along the way, I've learned that I love to read even more. Logging into blogger each day is an invitation to learn from other women (and men!) who have quickly become my friends, confidants and teachers. 

Logging into blogger means reading those posts by that one blogger who never fails to make me laugh .

It means reminding myself that there are women out there who's husbands are living their lives away from home to give me freedom when I read posts by that blogger who is sacrificing for our country, but still manages to be one of the funniest bloggers I've ever read.

It means humbling myself to read a post by that blogger who always has something to teach me.

It means grabbing a cup of coffee and feeling like I'm sitting across the table from that blogger who makes everyone feel like they're her best friend.

It means getting quietly inspired by that blogger who has the most unique spin on life and the most infectious joy and thankfulness.

It means wanting to make my marriage even better every time I read a post by that blogger who is so beyond in love with her husband.

It means trembling as I read the most beautiful words I've ever seen written out on a screen by that blogger who has a simple way of writing, living, loving and expressing.

It means catching my breath at the most gorgeous photos taken by that blogger who has a captivating way of capturing her life on camera.

It means being able to glean some of the most useful parenting advice from that blogger who's been at it less years than I have, but seems to have it way more figured out!

It means taking a deep breath and remembering the joys of parenthood because of that beautiful blogger who adores being a mother to her sons.

It means suddenly seeing my home as a blank canvas to be painted with decoration and innovation because of that blogger who can make any thing look breath taking.

It means learning something new everyday from a man I've known my whole life but I can always be inspired by that blogger who is making it his mission to teach the world to stand up.

It means being blown away by the incredible woman who my big sister is when I read that blogger who makes a difference in the world every day she is who she is. (blog under construction)

These are just a very few of the beautiful blogs I love to read. If you're not listed here it's not because I don't love you! This was a spur of the moment post inspired by me sitting for a couple hours (during nap time!) and allowing myself to be poured into by my favorite bloggers! I hope these links will help you find some new favorite blogs... and ultimately...some new friends!!!


Krystle said...

Oh my friend, I feel so honored to be an encouraging blog for you. You do the same for me! You are young in years for what you have gone through, and yet more mature in things than many adults!!

Blessings on you!!!

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

Tatiana is one of the funniest I know. And Libby is so sweet in her love for her Ike. It was fun seeing all the blogs you follow and gain insight and inspiration from.

Its so great having a close community even though we're all so far apart.

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

Callie Nicole said...

Oh, Claire, I was clicking through the links, and when I saw the one you gave me, my jaw dropped! You are so sweet. I'm glad it looks like I have it all figured out! But really, I've gained alot of inspiration to be a better mom from other bloggers, like YOU! :-)

Lib at Truly His said...

Claire!!! Thank you for thaT! HOW SWEET!! You are by far a favorite of mine!!! Love you!! So happy for you!

Stephanie M. Page said...

Precious friend! Thank you! I hope you know that I teach myself right along with everyone else...=) =) hehehe hugs!

Tatiana said...

Why are you SO sweet!!! Thanks for laughing at my randomness. I just love you girlfriend!