19 Week Bump Update

Me at 19 weeks... haha yes, I know, there's no belly. Whew, I need to get better at the belly picture taking!!!

Baby Size: Summer Squash! 6 inches long :) Baby is starting to THINK and to LISTEN. Only 10 more days until we know if baby is a he or a she!!

Symptoms & Cravings: Had a mini bug this week which was no fun :( Still lots of cravings--mostly cereal. Had a crazy random craving for pizza last week. Baby is moving A LOT these days and I love the feeling! I'm still so tired so I've been doing my best to make time for naps here and there!

Something you miss: Being skinny! All the gorgeous fall/winter fashions that are coming out keep making me miss my flat stomach and skinny hips. I feel like I'm missing out on some seriously cute fashion! Went shopping with my mom and my brother yesterday and I felt like an outcast back in the maternity section :( Ah well, it just makes it all the more fun when pre-baby body comes back!

Milestones: I had my doctor appointment this past week! Baby's heartbeat is 140 bpm and strong :) Baby is healthy... however... I'm dehydrated which has been causing mild contractions! So I left the doctor's with orders to drink, drink, drink! I'm doing my best!

Weight Gain: Up from 2 weeks ago! Weight gain is now 7 pounds!

Looking forward to: The same thing as last time! FINDING OUT BABY'S GENDER!!!

I'm so excited for Thanksgiving this week! I love this time of year :) I'm honestly really disappointed that there's no snow yet because I want to put my tree the day after Thanksgiving, and I just can't imagine doing that without snow! I love to turn up the Christmas music while I decorate and that just feels wrong when it's sunny and 50 (which it's supposed to be on Friday!!) Ah well, I"m sure the snow will be here soon enough :)

Daddy and Britany enjoying the fall leaves :) 

I can't believe that my baby Britany is going to be one year old in less than a month! Time flies when you're having fun :)

Beautiful Britany - 11 months old!

And then there's sweet Peyton, who never fails to make me laugh! 

Ever joyful Peyton - 2 1/2 years old

And there's a peek at week 19... for all of us :) And we all cannot wait to find out if a baby brother or sister will be joining us! Peyton changes her opinion daily ;) today she said the baby should maybe be named "One".

It's so funny to see how she's reacting to this pregnancy! She didn't react hardly at all throughout my pregnancy with Britany because she was so young she didn't understand at all what was to come. This time, the fact that she's older coupled with the fact that this is her second time going through this process means that she's a lot more interactive about the pregnancy.. and I LOVE it! She loves saying hello to the baby (my belly!) and giving the baby kisses and hugs. It's so sweet to hear her think about whether she wants another sister or a brother, and to try to register the thought that the baby will be here in the spring :) She is such a great big sister as well. She is so tender with Britany and really goes out of her way to include Britany in whatever activity she's doing. I love seeing them play together! Finally Britany is getting old enough to actually play with Peyton instead of just watch her ;)

Alright, enough randomness for this post :) I promise another belly picture will come soon! Well, I don't promise, because I'm just bad at taking pictures in general... but I'll work on it!


Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

So exciting! Can't wait till you find out :)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

Ah, loved the update. I can't wait FOR YOU what the baby will be.

I'm sure its such a treat to see her interact more knowing your pregnant. Something I think would be so fun to go through with a kid.

I truly think I'd have the same struggle with not being skinny anymore. I always wonder how I'd handle that even though obviously it'd be for a good cause.

Emily at Amazing Grapes

Natalie said...

Awww Peyton is so sweet! I'm glad things are going well with your pregancy. Can't wait to see what you are having!

Rachel said... exciting that you find out the gender soon! If I ever have a baby I know that I'll want to find out whether it's a boy or a girl, but so many of my friends think that's really strange. They want the surprise but I'm way too impatient!