A Giveaway Win & Christmas Recap!

Christmas was amazing this year :) I loved spending the holiday with Bryan and our 2 girls. Loving each other and enjoying being together.

On Christmas day, my parents and my brother came over for Christmas dinner and we had such a wonderful time exchanging gifts, sharing a meal and laughing and talking. We definitely missed Bryan's family this year though as we couldn't swing a trip to Minnesota. :(

This Christmas we got so many packages in the mail! It was almost like every day in December was Christmas! The door bell would ring and we'd rush to the door to see what was left on our door step :) Such fun!

One of the packages on my door step was my prize from my first ever Blog world Giveaway win!!! I won a giveaway from Glory Accessories sponsored by Amanda at The Shepard Life ! I won a hair flower :) I was really excited to win this giveaway too because I've never really worn hair flowers, but I've always wanted to try ;) One of those things I wouldn't necessarily buy for myself, but was so happy to have won because now I can totally try out this fashion statement I've been dying to try!

I loved explaining Christmas to Peyton this year as well. Being 2 1/2, she's still limited, of course in what she can understand but she caught on to a lot of things. I loved hearing her talk about God and her love for Jesus!

We did Christmas early this year!!! Bryan woke me up early on December 14th and practically BEGGED me to let us do Christmas early :) He gave a lot of very convincing arguments... the most convincing one being that he had the day off and we had nothing planned so we could really just "hole up" and enjoy our day together as a family with no interruptions, family gatherings, phone calls or church services. We snuck downstairs, careful not to wake the girls, and started preparing for our Christmas day :) We made cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate and chose some Christmas music to play on the iPod. We set all the presents around the tree, and then snuck back upstairs to get the girls :) They were thrilled! They loved the special breakfast, and the presents made their eyes go wide!

The girls loved their presents and Bryan and I had a special time exchanging our gifts for one another too. Then, we thorougly enjoyed the whole rest of the day as a family :) After the girls went to bed, Bryan and had hot chocolate, watched a movie and enjoyed some time together.

My amazing Christmas present from my hubby was................. (DRUMROLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!) An iPad 2! I was so shocked and excited when I opened it! I really didn't think it was in our budget, but Bryan had made a couple extra sales at work without telling me :)  I LOVE IT and I'm having so much fun exploring it :) I'm so blessed to have such a thoughtful hubby!!!!

But at the end of the day... as exciting as presents and everything are, I'm so thankful for the TRULY important things this Christmas.  For my Savior KING who came to earth to born as a baby and grow up to DIE FOR MY SINS so that I can live forever in communion with THE ALMIGHTY GOD! For my health, my children, my husband, my home, my family, my friends and the beautiful world surrounding me. God is good.

I hope all of you had wonderful Christmases where you felt loved!!!!


Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

What a sweet and special Christmas Claire!! Bless you! One of my best friends Bre is the owner of glory accessories... The hair flower looks great :)

Laura said...

That flower looks great! ...looks like you had a fun Christmas!

Melissa said...

Packages in the mail are the BEST!!! I have meant to send you a package for both of your last babies, and I'm determined that this will be the time :) Does Hunter need anything?? Or should I just pick out a boy essential???
You're rocking that hair flower! Gorgeous! I always put those sorts of things in Sophie's hair, but I'm not quite as gutsy to put them in my own hair.
Your Christmas sounds absolutely perfect. I love how impatient Bryan was :) He seriously gets some major props, though .. awesome present!!!

LauraB said...


You look BEAUTIFUL with your flower pin! You are a gorgeous girl 24/7, but I must admit, there is something about your beauty when you are pregnant...not many can match that! (Must be the love of God shining through you!)

Thanks for giving us readers a glimpse of Christmas, it was special to read about your day :)