Our Son's Name

It's Christmas weekend, so this will be a very quick post. But I wanted to tell you all that we have named our son! 

I can't wait to hold him in my arms and speak his name over him as his eyes are on mine. 


Lib at Truly His said...

I love his name, Claire... it is beautiful!! I love the meaning!

Laura said...

I love hearing names with their meaning!

Merry Christmas!

Callie Nicole said...

I love the name! So exciting!

Melissa said...

I love his name, and the meaning behind it. I'm really bad about looking up meanings and such .. but I just found out that Miles means soldier, which I really love! Matthew means "gift of God" .. so it's neat to think about him being a little solider of the Lord out to spread the Good News!!!

Andrea said...

I love his name!! Especially Zion. That's so beautiful. I love names with strong, powerful meanings. When we named our son, we too were looking for a name with depth and meaning. (We chose Cruz Emanuel. Cruz means "he who dwells near the Cross" and Emanuel "God with us".)

Just found your blog. love it :)

Andrea xoxo

Sarah Heineman said...

We have very, very similar tastes in names :) Our Peyton was going to be a Hunter if she was a boy, and Zion has been a favorite name of mine for another boy, if we have one! Such a cute name for your new little man!