22 Week Bump Update

I'm not the greatest at getting someone to take belly pictures of me... so it's more like "Oh! I'm a new week today! I better quick snap some pictures of my belly!" and then I run to my full length mirror and snap a few quick shots of my belly for the record books :) I want to be able to show my children one day what they looked like "in-utero" ;)

haha, do you like how my bed is un-made in the first picture and then made in the second two? Classy, right?! ha!

How big is the baby? The size of a papaya!! A pound already :)

Weight Gain: my home scale says 12 pounds so far. The Doctor would say less, but I'm a realist here so I'll go with my home scale since I'm weighing myself here more regularly ;)

Maternity Clothes? A little of both. I'm wearing some maternity jeans, but some of my maternity jeans are still a little too big. I'm still in a few pairs of regular jeggings from PacSun. And shirts are a big mix. Just depends on the fit of the shirt. I have a few trusty maternity shirts, but other than that I just improvise from what's in my closet. In the picture above nothing I'm wearing is actually maternity. I definitely love to come home though and throw on my yoga pants. Soooo comfy :)

Sleep?  Thanks to my Leachco maternity body pillow, I've been sleeping like a dream this whole pregnancy! Now if only I didn't have to get up to go pee a million times a night.............

Best Moment of the Week? I keep a "Mother's Journal" for all my kids (a place to write my thoughts and dreams for them during different stages of their childhoods.. starting during pregnancy and I think I'll probably give to them at either graduation or their weddings) and I started writing in this little boy's journal this week. It felt so good to write my thoughts to him and take time just to day dream about his coming... it can be easy to get caught up taking care of the other two, so it's important for me to take those moments just to single out this little man and give him some love :)

Food Cravings/Aversions: I've been craving lots of grapefruit, still cereal and salty snacks like chex mix. Bryan got some jalapeno cheesy bread the other night and when he heated it up and I smelled it it made me feel SO sick! So that's a definite aversion. ha! glad to know I can check jalapeno cheesy bread off my list, lol.

Gender: BOY!!! still in disbelief on that one :) but can't wait!

Movement: Lots of kicking all the time. Just recently the movements have moved from low in my abdomen to the center of my abdomen. And I'm starting to feel kicks in several places at once, making me know that my little man is exploring the use of his hands and legs!

What I miss? Laying on my belly, playing more actively with the kids and wearing all my adorable little clothes!!!

What I'm Looking forward to?  CHRISTMAS! I'm really excited this year. It's so fun this year because Peyton is really starting to be more into the excitement of Christmas. I love wrapping the kids presents and thinking about how excited they'll be to open them. And it's been so exciting to teach Peyton the true meaning of why we celebrate such a special holiday. I'm looking forward to picking a name for this little boy! Bryan and I have tossed ideas out there, but we haven't really settled on any certain name. I'm looking forward to being able to call him by name and be able to imagine him even more as a part of this family. And of course, in the longer term, I can't wait to meet this little man!

Hope you all have an incredible Sunday!


Natalie said...

You look absolutely gorgeous! Pregnant definitely looks good on you :)

Alfonso Ohana said...

I love reading your little updates on your bump. I'm right along with you give or take a week :) you look so great being pregnant.

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Hope you can be a new follower :)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

Love it! Especially the unmade made bed. haha

That's so great you keep journals for them all. I bet they'll love to read it when they get older.
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

So so so so cute! :) Love the updates... so fun to see the weeks go by, isn't it? Bless you!

Natalie said...

Aww pregnancy looks good on you! You look super happy!

Beka said...

ADORABLE!!! Oh heavens! :)

This is late.. but I grabbed your button for my blog! ;)

jennifer blair said...

you are the cutest girl!!!

Melissa said...

I'm catching up on commenting today too! And I agree with all of your other commenters that said you are one gorgeous pregnant lady!!! You dress so cute and just rock that belly :)

I love that you do a "Mother's Journal" for your babies. What a beautiful gift to give to them someday! Sort of like the journals we all did for our future husbands, hmm???!