Liebster Award!!!

Thanks Haley @ For Everything there is a Season for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award! It's an award given to blogs with less than 200 followers who the giver thinks deserve a little more recognition! Thank you Haley for recognizing Fast Forward Girl for this award!!!

Here are the rules:
1) Show your thanks by linking the sweet person who nominated you.
2) Leave links to 5 of your top blogs and leave a comment letting them know!
3) Post the award on your blog.
4) Enjoy the Love :)

I'm giving this award to five blogs that I love to stalk read! 

1. Rachel @ Semantics of Shalom This is my beautiful sister in law! She is wife to my brother in law, Chris and mother to my 2 beautiful nieces Ariella Sophia & Jocelyn Michelle. Rachel challenges me with her writing and her beautiful heart. I'm so bummed that we live far away from each other because I'm blessed to call this lovely lady a sister of mine! 

2. Laura @ One. Step. at. a. Time. This pretty lady has been a BFF of mine since......... I think fourth grade?! I admire her strong love for God and her ever bubbly personality! I have so many beautiful and crazy memories and inside jokes with this girl and I love that through blog world we've been able to keep in touch despite the fact that we're now in different States! It's so important to have people with whom  you go wayyy back. Good for the soul :) 

3. Chana @ More than Diamonds I've recently gotten addicted to this beautiful woman's blog! I love clicking over to her blog for fun fashion ideas! She has her own unique sense of style and I've found myself challenged to take a few new risks with my wardrobe thanks to her classy way of being adventurous with her style! I love how fashion forward she is while still honoring God with her clothes! And c'mon, what girl doesn't love a few new wardrobe ideas? You might find yourself resurrecting an old piece in a new way thanks to Chana's creative suggestions!

4. Emily @ Amazing Grapes I've gained a fast friend in this amazing woman! She has such awesome life experiences and I love how refreshingly honest her blog is. She also has a great knack for making me laugh :) I'm constantly learning something from her, and I often find myself living vicariously through some of her experiences! She's so relateable and fun! 

5. Sarah @ Playing House This woman is an inspiration! She has 2 young kiddos who she is raising while her hubby is away serving our country! Sarah and I have so much in common and I love reading her blog because I feel like we're chilling in sweats on her couch just chatting! She looks like seriously the most fun mom ever and her 2 cuties, Peyton (yup!) and Vandis are lucky little kiddos for sure! 

I hope you enjoy checking out these five wonderful blogs!!! Give them some love! 

And P.S. Thank you all so much for your outpouring of love, support and comments on my last post! I appreciate each and every comment made and I felt so encouraged by reading them! This motherhood journey is truly a wild ride, but it's one that is so rewarding in so many ways!


Andrea said...

I love these new blogs to read! (as if i needed even more to follow... oh well :)

And congrats on the award!! You definitely deserve it :)

Andrea xoxo

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

Oh my goodness, you are just the sweetest thing!! Thank you for the award and truly saying such kind things about me.

That means a lot! It really does. :)
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Andrea said...

Can't wait to check out these blogs! Been gobbling up yours way too fast!!

Mrs. Mama said...

love this post. love your blog. and loooooved your about me. you had me at all the amazing things you have gone through by the age of 22! thats awesome!

LauraB said...

EAK! Thanks for the nomination/award! I'm extremely honored and so happy that we are able to stay connected through here, even though we are far away from each other! (And trust me, the memories run fast and rapid for me too!)

marie said...

Wow, almost a mom of three huh? One for me was a dream. Two fun and three threw me for a loop. I love it, they make my world go round. Love your positive attitude and your lovely blog.

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

So fun! Chana is one of my best friends in real life :) Love her!

Chana said...

Claire- Thank you SO much for the award! You are too sweet. Your kind words and honoring award are so thoughtful! I loved your post yesterday; your writing style is so intriguing. It keeps me wanting more! Blessings to you. -Chana

Kylie Marie said...

I came across your blog today on my news feed on facebook. Natalie Clemmons had posted your blog "Unashamed". I admire your outlook on life. I just turned 23 last week, have been married just over a year, and am expecting our first child in March. Many people have looked at me and asked why I didn't wait until I was 25 or so to have kids. I found myself thinking the same thing you did, and was unable to come up with an answer on the spot either. When I find myself questioning I too remember this verse in Psalms. I also turn on my podcast from Bethany Church..."Children Are a Gift" message by Laura Krause.
I look forward to following your blog this year as I dive into motherhood and staying home!
Blessings to you :)

Tatiana said...

Congrats for being so awesome lady!