12 Days of Sick

12 days. That's how long there has been sickness in our house. It all started when Bryan and I went away for our 4th wedding anniversary in the last weekend of January. We got back after a lovely, romantic, amazing night away (sans kids!) to a phone call that sweet Peyton had spent the night throwing up :( No fun! The poor thing was lethargic all day and I couldn't help but feel guilty that I hadn't been there for my baby during her first ever stomach flu! We spent the week focusing on Peyton's recovery and also bleaching the house in hopes that no one else would get the virus. Late Thursday night Peyton woke up coughing uncontrollably, and still to this day hasn't stopped. She has a terrible cold that keeps her from even being able to sleep well, and her normally loud and precocious little voice has been replaced by a hoarse little squeak :( On Friday evening, Britany started throwing up. My poor little baby! She was so confused about what was going on and wanted momma even more than usual. She was thankfully on the mend by the next morning, but woke up on Monday with the same cough as big sister. Last night I got the flu bug and was up all night with the absolute WORST stomach pains I think I've ever had (besides when I had gall stones, of course!) Being 30 weeks pregnant and sick is a wicked combination. 

So that's why I've been MIA. Caring for a sick family, and now caring for my sick self. My sweet husband (who woke up this morning with the girl's bad cough!) stayed home from work today so that I could recover and I'm so thankful. I can barely stand up straight let alone care for my babies today. I am praying that my body recovers quickly and that our whole family will be back to normal very soon! Please keep us in your prayers, if you think of us. It has been a nasty sick season over here and we're very ready to be well and to get out and enjoy the sunshine that has been pouring over our area these past few days! 

Oh! I wrote a guest post while I was gone for one of my favorite bloggy women! Stay tuned! I'll be sure to link you all up as soon as it's posted :) I'm excited about it... it's about one of my very, very favorite topics! 


Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

Oh no, you poor thing!! I can't imagine having everyone sick and yourself all while being 30 weeks pregnant. I'll definitely say a prayer for you guys. And hope he doesn't get sick too!!

Rest up, mama!!
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Laura said...

Hope you feel better!

Loved your post on Beka's blog :)

LeAnna said...

Hope you guys are all feeling better. I tell ya, there is a major stomach bug going around all over. Seems like everyone I know in blog land is talking about it! So hard to see your little ones sick, but even harder when Mama's sick, too!

Melissa said...

Yuck! SO thankful Bryan could stay home and take care of you! Get LOTS of sleep!!!

Seems like the bugs have been awful this winter .. I wonder if it's because it hasn't been cold enough to kill anything off!

Callie Nicole said...

OH, I hope you all feel better soon!