Indelible Change - Soundtracks of My Life

God really speaks to my heart through music.

I'm not sure if it's because I love music, or if it's a way He speaks to pretty much everyone, but a song has the power to move me so deeply and indelibly.

Tonight I was listening to this beautiful song by Brooke Fraser:

While we lived in Cape Town, South Africa I had only a few albums on my ipod. Two of those albums were by Brooke Fraser. I listened to her two albums on repeat while I rocked Peyton to sleep every night. Her music spoke deeply to my soul. And because of listening to it so much there, her music has become the soundtrack with which I identify my time in South Africa. I can't help but feel like I'm right back there looking over Marina da Gama when her music plays. I can close my eyes and see everything exactly as it was. I can see the curtains dancing softly in the breeze from the open windows. I can hear the water gently lapping the sides of our watery backyard. I can hear the birds, the breeze in the trees. I can hear the beautiful silence and see the brilliant stars. I can remember the feeling of peace I had there even when I didn't know what the future held for our family. I can remember knowing that God was working His will in our hearts and lives even when everything seemed so confusing.

There are "soundtracks" for so many different seasons of my life. This is a beautiful one though that I won't quickly forget.

What is a soundtrack in your life that you keep going back to? Maybe because the memories there are sweet or close to your heart?


Emily grapes said...

I don't have a soundtrack necessarily, but I do have songs that the moment I hear them, I'm transported back in time and recall where I was when I heard it. I love music for that reason, the memories it evokes.
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Hannah said...

One of the strongest associations I have between certain music and a certain time in my life is when we moved out from my in-law's house into a renovated barn that was just like one big studio apartment. It was an interesting season... we had a baby and we were pregnant again and we didn't have a lot of money, but it was so nice to be have our own little family. I would listen to Audra Lynn sing and drink pregnancy tea and wonder if our water would ever stop smelling so bad. :)