Puppy Love :)

This super cutie joined our family this past Sunday :) We weren't exactly planning on adding a furry family member, but who could say no to that adorable face?

He's a "Chipin"--part Chihuahua, part Mini Pinscher. He'll probably only grow to about 15 lbs tops. We think he's just perfect! He is so sweet and has been the perfect little guy to have around. He's so gentle but playful with the kids, and Bryan and I fight over who gets the lap warmer :) He loves to snuggle and he's so sweet natured.

We named him Ninja (lol!) too funny because he's so tiny, but has a ton of heart <3 nbsp="" p="">
It's too funny because I've never been a dog person... but a teeny little cutie like this? That I can most definitely handle :)

Hope you all had a wonderful start to your new week!

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Emily grapes said...

aww, that is a cute face! I'm not a dog person, but puppies get me every time!

Hope Ninja (love it) continues to fit in!!