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Firmoo Frames!!!!

I was recently contacted by to review a pair of their quality, inexpensive glasses or sunglasses. It couldn't have been better timing as the optician appointment for a new prescription was scheduled for the same week! is an online glasses and sunglasses store that offers low cost but quality eyewear.

When I first landed on's webpage, I was definitely feeling the style of the whole page. Firmoo has a very young feel and it's website is extremely user friendly. As I started browsing the frames available for me to review, I went from being semi-excited about this opportunity to dorky-excited. The frames are right on trend. They have frames which are edgy and stylish, but they also have more reserved timeless choices too. It was not easy picking, and anyone knows that like with clothes, choosing glasses online can be a challenge because of course (say it with me!) YOU CAN'T TRY THEM ON! But that's where Firmoo's awesome features come in to play. Firmoo has a great feature just to the left of the glasses you're looking at where they show the frames on several different models. You can easily click through the models to find the one who most resembles you which helps you get a pretty good idea of what the frames will look like on your own face. You also have the option to upload a photo of yourself to "try the glasses on" that way. One of my FAVORITE features about Firmoo's site, however, is the fact that customers can upload pictures of themselves in the frames. This gives you a much more realistic sense of which frames will be best for you. What I loved especially about this particular feature was that I could look through the customer's pictures and also choose who I felt had the most similar style to me. Sometimes from a picture of frames, you'll think they'll fit your style or look and then once you get them you realize they're too wide, or too small or too dark, etc. (I've done my share of shopping for glasses online so I speak from experience!!) But with these frames, I felt like since I was able to browse so many pictures of them on "real people" in "real pictures" I knew what I was going to be getting.

The shipping was fast and the tracking feature was great. I knew right when to expect my frames. Their emails keep you notified and they have a great tone to their customer service. My glasses came in a padded manila type envelope. I would've expected a branded box, but they were well protected in the envelope so that wasn't a huge deal to me, although I think it would help their marketing to ship in a clearly branded box. When you open your package you'll find a soft slipcover type case with a zip lock bag containing the hardware needed to repair your glasses if you ever need to. The glasses themselves come in a hard shell case (always good to have!!) with the Firmoo branding on top. There is a cleaning cloth included.

My first impression of the frames were that they looked a little smaller than I expected them to be, but the moment I put them on I realized they looked exactly how I had pictured. I love the detail on the inside of the "stems" and the glasses feel sturdy for the most part. When you close the "stems" (who knows what those things are truly called?) I do feel that part feels a little flimsy, but no biggie for me as I don't wear my glasses a whole ton anyway... and of course, when you are wearing your glasses they are open so the fact that they feel weak when CLOSING them doesn't worry me quite as much. They fit perfectly to my face. I was nervous about that part because Firmoo has you measure the distance between your two pupils to determine what width of glasses to send you. I was nervous I would do it wrong, but apparently it must have been easier to do than I thought because mine are perfect!

I love that Firmoo is providing fashionable glasses options at a lower cost. Buying new glasses is always such a huge ordeal (at least for me!) so to find a site like Firmoo that simplifies the process, is so great. I'm having fun with my new glasses and I love feeling cute enough in my frames to wear them out to a movie with friends or to run errands. I think I'm wearing them as much as I wear my contacts lately!

I'm so excited to let you know that Firmoo offers a first pair free  (< to all it's first time customers! So head on over to Firmoo for your free pair! Just pay shipping and handling :)

Lastly, check out my video review of the glasses! (and don't hate... this was my first time making a video of myself with my webcam and I definitely felt a little dorky doing it ha!)

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Emily grapes said...

girl you're so stinkin' cute!! You must do a real video next time. :) I got a pair of sunglasses from them, myself. :)