One Thousand Gifts {GIVEAWAY}

If you read my last post then you know that I am currently reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.

And you also know that it's changing my life.

One Thousand Gifts is a book about thanksgiving. It's about writing down the gifts that God has given us--no matter how small or seemingly mundane. It's about taking each slipping moment and consecrating it. Ann encourages her readers to begin keeping a journal where they write one thousand gifts. As I've been writing this list myself, I've found beauty in the most normal instances. I've found beauty in a little girl chasing a butterfly. In the sound of gravel crunching beneath my feet. In the smell of a stone cellar reminding me of my girlhood. To consecrate the moments is to consecrate the life. And to walk in thanksgiving is to walk right into His presence. Thanksgiving has this way of taking our hearts and righting them. Thanksgiving puts things in perspective. Thanksgiving restores triumph to the defeated soul.

This book has helped me to recognize my need to be so much more thankful to God for the gifts in my life. This book has re-opened my eyes to a wonder that I somehow lost since childhood. The art of finding the splendor of each moment.

Shortly after I wrote my last post, Ann's publicist contacted me asking if I would be interested in giving away One Thousand Gifts to one of my readers! I am so excited for the opportunity to share this incredible book with one of you. Please, enter away... and share, share, share this giveaway with others!

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Kyndra Lynne said...

My dog had puppies about a week ago. I was just reflecting this morning on how sweet it is to hear them make their little squeaky sounds while they're getting nourishment from their mama. As we carry on with our mundane daily tasks, they're growing and learning in leaps and bounds. Those little squeaks remind me to just stop and appreciate life- even in it's littlest, furry form. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Claire this book seems awesome and would love to read it along with you. I hope you all are doing great with the move. :)

Katie said...

so awesome! I'm always excited about a new good book. :-)

Beka C. said...

I am thankful that my almost 4 year old asked me to "rock-a-bye" him today. I hope to keep that sweet moment as we stared into each other's eyes with me always. <3

Sounds like an awesome book that I will have to check out even if I don't win a copy! :)

Carrie said...

When I start to think about my blessings, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Right now, I'm thankful for my children's smiles and the admiration in their eyes.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful I can look out my window and see sunshine and palm trees! I haven't read this book but I really want to! I've heard great things and I want to try to make my list of 1000 gifts!

Jessica said...

The moment today in which I said YES to my son even before he asked. They way in which his eyes lit up and his dimple shone. And the moments today where I had the privilege of watching him choose to do what is right with the right attitude. Something I need to learn from him.