Peyton's Birthday!

Hey Everyone! So remember what I said in my last post about Peyton having to be induced early because of my Cholestasis? Well, we have a date set. My little girl will be coming into the world on Friday, May 29th! Isn't that exciting??? I'll have to add a countdown...

She passed another test today with flying colors :) I'm glad to know that she's staying healthy despite the circumstances. Now that we have the date set, that does make things less complicated as far as getting my mom a plane ticket, getting her room ready, deciding when to stop work, etc.

I'll keep you updated on the process... but until then, know that May 29th is circled on my calendar :) Maybe I'll even begin a paper chain...

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Jess said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Putting the date on my calander. Was going to send you an email, but my comuter was having issues. Your gift is almost ready, so I will send it out to you guys soon. I will tell you part of your gift is a book called "raising baby green." It has a lot of pratical ideas that don't always cost money. My friend who had twins in November loved it, but didn't know if you would, so let me know cause I can always return it and get you something else to go in Peyton's gift (there is so much cute organic baby stuff out there, I just wanted to get all of it, but I was good). I am glad you and Peyton are doing well and I will continue to hold the 3 of you in my prayers. Love you!

ps. looking into skype