Norah Grace Myers

My new niece was born yesterday!!! Norah Grace Myers was born at 6:21pm on September 24th. She's perfect! 8lbs 6oz and 21 inches long! She has a full head of gorgeous dark hair and is absolutely beautiful! I am so proud of Leigh! She did great! Here's a picture... Isn't she just lovely?

I just can't wait for Peyton and Norah to meet! Since we're going to South Africa, they'll more than likely end up being much more like sisters than cousins. I am so thrilled that my darling niece is here! I just can't wait to hold her and love her! She is EXQUISITE! She has the most beautiful mouth! She is definitely the SECOND most beautiful baby I have ever seen! (Peyton being the most of course!!! ;)

I am so happy to announce her birth to all of you!

On another note, something which probably belongs in it's own post, but why waste the space?
I started writing a Mother's Journal tonight for Peyton. It's basically a book of letters and keepsakes from me to her. I want her to be able to have it for years to come and to be able to look back and see how very much I love her.

I haven't decided yet when I will give it to her. Maybe her 16th birthday? Maybe when she leaves for college? Maybe when she gets married? Not sure yet. But hopefully I'll keep up with it, because I think it will be a great treasure if I do. What do you think? Fun idea? Now I just have to make sure I keep up with it!!

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Kyndra Lynne said...

I say when she gets married. After all, she's a direct result of your marriage to Bryan. Waiting until she has her first baby might be even cooler... full-circle. But then, what if she doesn't get married for a long time? What if she doesn't get married at all?

AH! That's a hard one. How the heck do you make such monumental decisions? Surely only with the Holy Spirit's guidance.

I'm not entirely sure why this one thought boggled my brain so much. At any rate, I just wanted to say that you have grown up beautifully. :) Sometimes it's hard to recognize the Claire I went to BCOM with nearly 4 years ago. Then you mention something completely unmentionable (haha) or I read one of your passionate blogs and I see her so very clearly. :) You inspire me, dear friend and I'm overwhelmingly excited to see your life continue to unfold.

Much love,