Christmas 2009!!

I guess this post is what you could call long overdue! But the holidays were very full and very busy so blogging fell a bit by the wayside.

I have enough information to fit into 3 blog posts! so I'm going to attempt to condense it all for you ;)

First of all, Christmas was wonderful. It was spent here at my parents house and we celebrated with my brother and his sweet girlfriend, Gretchen. We had such a great time, and Peyton won the award for biggest pile of presents! She was lavished on by both sets of grandparents and even her great-grandparents! She absolutely LOVED opening all the brightly colored presents and I think she chewed on about 5 or 6 bows throughout the day! Her new toys were a big hit!

My sweet husband bought me an outfit I'd been asking for (I was so touched that he bought me clothes! He's really improving on the shopping front ;) My mom and dad bought me the earrings I've been wanting and a gorgeous white sweater and of course, there was plenty of chocolate!! Yum! It was a great Christmas morning.

That evening, the real shocker came! Bryan pulled me into our room and announced that there was one more present. I looked at him with a smile, and he quickly explained that it was NOT from him. He handed me a wrapped gift with the label "To: Claire, From: SANTA!" I was overwhelmed with curiosity and quickly opened it... no sooner had I realized what I was holding than tears started POURING out of my eyes! I started sobbing!!! Guess what, bloggers???? Remember my post called I have a Dream? Well there in my hands was Adobe Illustrator CS4!!!! I was stunned. When Bryan told me who it was from... I was beyond stunned. My mouth hung open and a whole new round of tears began! I'm not sure if the person wants me to announce their identity so we'll keep it a secret for now ;) But let's just say it's a very old, dear friend who read my blog and decided to make my dream come true. And to you, I say again... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

So my blog readers, dreams really do come true!!! Now of course, I have a lot of practice and learning ahead of me... but I do it all with a smile on my face and an irrepressible joy in my heart... and well, of course, the knowledge that I am very, very blessed!

I have more news, actually that I need to let you all know about... but it will have to wait for another post (maybe later today) because I have a beautiful little girl that woke up a little too early from her morning nap who is begging for me to play with her!

I hope you all had an incredible Christmas!


Leigh said...

Peyton looks ADORABLE!! she is soooo cute!!

I can't wait to see what you do with your new software. So exciting! Praise God!

Ria Thurston said...


WHAT AN INCREDIBLE GIFT :) Praise the Lord for dreams coming true... you are one blessed lady! Favor is written all over your life! Glad you had a blessed Christmas! Looking foward to seeing all your fun designs & artistic creations!

Breanna Hudy said...

CLAIRE!! Oh man I miss you and Peyton! She's gorgeous and so big! No more need to support her head eh? You don't need the pro (aka JD) anymore hahaha. That's SO cool how God blessed you with the Adobe program. Wow! He gives us the desires of our heart, no matter how small they may seem to us--it sure shows how He loves His children! Let me know when you're flying to Canada/Central Asia :) Miss you and love you times a thousand! Kiss Peyton for me because I can't :(