Music Monday

This week's Music Monday is to post a song about God's love for us. In reflection of Valentine's Day, we're still focusing on LOVE!

So, before I post my song, I want to know how all of your Valentine's were! Mine was lovely :) The day started out by me being awoken by breakfast in bed :) My wonderful husband had prepared blueberry pancakes which he cooked to spell "I Love You"! Hot french vanilla coffee and fresh oranges (we got them at a fruit stand last night!They were fresh picked! so yummy!) It was such a delightful way to start the day :) Then, instead of going to church, we sat in the living room and listened to a podcast of a sermon from our home church in MN. Bryan and I both felt so washed by the word at the end of it, and I have to confess it made us miss Minnesota quite a bit! Then, later that day, Bryan surprised me with a horse and carriage ride!!! It was so much fun! I have loved horses ever since I was a little girl and it was such a treat to ride with my two Valentines, Bryan & Peyton! We had such a great day together! We finished off the night with a great dinner at home and the pleasure of each other's company! Sometimes, it's enough just to be together!

Well, onto Music Monday! There were several songs I could have chosen that focus on the love of God in my life. But one particular kept coming to mind today. God has healed me many times in my life, and I was also spared from a crazy car accident (I won't go into the story here, but if you want to read about it, you can do so here) When I reflect on the accident every once in a while, I continually think of the song "Held" and the way that God held me through that accident, and also through all the hard times in my life.

Enjoy, and I pray that if you are going through a difficult time, that you too would feel the reality of being held in such a gracious God's arms! This song deals with a lot of hard stuff... and the reality that life isn't easy. There are so many difficult things that we go through, and we are going to go through hard things until we reach heaven. But until then, we have a God who holds us through those horrible things.


Ria Thurston said...

Sounds like such a funnnnn V-day, Claire :) Perfect!! Love this song too... one of my top 10 favs! Bless you guys!!

Just Me said...

Oh what a beautiful day you had! Spending time with our precious ones is the BEST!!

Leigh said...

How sweet Bryan was on your Valentines! I'm so glad you had such a lovely day together. I love you!