Motherhood is a Full Time Job...

I love my daughter. But, boy, does she tucker me out! Now that she's an expert crawler... she's into EVERYTHING and it seems as though every time I turn my back she's into something! Now we're just working on "discipline"... teaching her what's okay and what's not okay to touch. It's a process for sure. But we're learning as we go... Any tips on the beginning stages of discipline, momma's?

What's a good way to train a 10 1/2 month old without totally confusing her??? I need your help! Right now we just exaggeratedly say NO when she touches something she shouldn't (like Daddy's laptop or Mommy's iPod!) and then if she continues to go after it, we'll lightly flick her hand. Sometimes it works... but sometimes it doesn't. And I'm working hard on getting her not to put everything in her mouth... no matter how much I try to keep the floor clean, there's always some sort of lint or crumbs for her to find and stuff in her little mouth! Just yesterday she crawled into the closet and I found her gnawing on Bryan's shoes! Lately that's been the biggest challenge... and maybe there isn't a way I can teach her not to do that... but if there is.. and one of you has a solution... I would LOVE to hear it!!!!!!

So hurry up and share your wisdom with me, Mommy's! (Or big sisters, babysitters, etc!!!)


Melinda said...

Sounds like you are doing a great job. It's just a season and if you give up they won't learn, but if you stick with it they get it. Disciplining only gets harder. Try using a rod on an 11 year old. You just want to say "Really, why do you make me do this, but "Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child and the rod will drive it far from them." Kinda my own paraphrasing. Just stick with it. Oh and one thing I've done with my children is I've given them a cupboard/shelf/bins that they are/were allowed to get into. That sometimes helps. Oh and duct taping them to the carpet or chairs also helps big time, but be forewarned not everyone approves of this method of training. Blessings!* said...

Sounds like to me you got it down ! :) NOW... CONSISTENCY is KEY! :)

SOOOOO excited she is crawling all over. :) I love that age!!

Cheryl Harris Benson said...

You are off to a great start!!!! You and Brian (If you haven't already done so) need to agree on means of discipline, and the consequences of sin. Once you have done this, stay consistant with it, because there are days where you aren't going to want to. (Yes, there are times when it is really cute what the little carpet crawlers are doing, but you have to deal with the sin before you can laugh about it =) ) [I call it sin because that is what disobedience really is] It also helps if you and Brian need to tag-team due to laughing so hard (or trying not to let Peyton see you laugh at her)

Also, I wouldn't worry to much about Peyton putting things in her mouth (lint, crumbs, etc.) Just worry about the things you know she will choke on. She is learning about her different world, and this is just one way of doing it. (because if you are stressing about every little thing that goes in her mouth, you won't be able to be a good wife and mommy) Just keep the house as clean as you normally would =)

Just keep on doing what you are doing, and God will let you see that it is worth it.

Josh and Ashlee said...

Consistency! Also, expect her to get into stuff wherever you are, that way you will be more aware of what she's going to head towards before she gets there.
I think what helped me a lot at this stage with Josiah and now with Anna is to thinking of it more as training at this stage, not discipline (I mean it's really semantics , but just go with me on it). The reason I say training rather than discipline is that Peyton doesn't know that any of these things are wrong yet. It's your job to teach her that it's wrong. Discipline is something that will come after you know that she understands that what she just touched is a 'no' and she still disobeyed you. Do you get it? I think that takes a lot of the stress out of your expectations of your sweet baby, when you realize that you are supposed to be teaching her now, not just disciplining her after the fact. The hand thing sounds great, most babies respond to that. My best advice is keep your kid(s) with you all the time! If they aren't alone, then you have the ability to catch them 'in the act' all the time. That way you aren't trying to undo a bad habit of hers, your keeping her from ever learning it in the first place.

Ok... well, after all of that, my best best advice is to pray about it and lean heavily on the Lord, because he probably has some great ideas that fit your unique situation and your babies personality that none of us have even tried with our own kids yet!

Finally.... this stage will pass and soon she'll be onto another stage that is just as stressful and sometimes annoying. :) Focus on the big battles, because some of the little ones she'll just grow out of.

Amber said...

Just don't give up! They learn quickly how far they can test you and what they can eventually get away with. My pediatrician recommended distraction as the main way of correcting and reserving "No" and "Stop" for things that posed a danger to our son. That is hard to do though :)

And if he is deliberately disobeying us we spank his hand. Will is almost 18 months old now and he can def. choose to disobey at this point!

I recommend the book Dare to Discipline by Dr. James Dobson - it gave us a lot of good insight into what to do and what not to do.