I am Useful.

Here's a picture of our family in front of the Africa Jam Youth Center in Khayelitsha. So amazing to realize this vision. Sometimes I still look out my window and am struck with the incredible reality that we're really here.

Bryan spent the day with a young man named Lee yesterday. He is a lively, polite young man with a contagious energy. He spent the day teaching Bryan a worship song in Xhosa. They sang it together for us and it was such a beautiful picture of what God is doing in our lives here. To see Bryan and this young guy sitting next to each other, side by side, worshiping God in Lee's native language. It was beautiful. As we sat down to a meal that night, and I was able to bless Lee with a home cooked meal, I realized that this is what it's all about. Loving on a young man and sharing Jesus with him. Being Christ in the practical, little, almost unnoticeable ways. We can be used powerfully, if we open our eyes and look for the opportunities. I am humbled that God is using us here... even in small ways.


Breanna Hudy said...

It's sometimes soo hard to see how we're useful on the field (aka in my life) and I love how those little moments of simplicity can make us realize that we're not where we are for nothing. Success in the world's eyes is often not the same as success in God's eyes.

Stephanie M. Page said...

I have tears. bless you friend! You are being faithful and you don't even know how God is using you!!! Remember how AWESOME He is. His plans for you may seem small, but they are so BIG! LOVE!